Who should I awaken with generic gem?

Building up my roster to start Act 5 and push for Uncollected, duped champs I plan on using include:

- 5/50 Blade (sig. 80)
- 5/50 Cap Marvel Movie (sig. 30)
- 5/50 Magik (sig. 20)
- 4/40 Iceman (sig. 60)
- 4/40 Warlock (sig. 20)
- 4/40 Sunspot (sig. 20)

Unawakened champs I could use are listed below (all 4/40, but I can take two of them up to 5/50 if needed).

Nick Fury I can wait and dupe from the arena next week (as I'll still be within the last couple days of the intermediate bracket), so currently I'm leaning towards either AA (for AAR against certain annoying abilities/nodes), Hyperion (for better power gain and parry/L1 spam against certain nodes), and Luke Cage (Indestructible would come in handy against the Collector and help me make the most of my Lv1 revives).

Who do you think should get the generic gem?

Who should I awaken with generic gem? 11 votes

Archangel (neurotoxin AAR all the way)
PantherusNZHollowbornZombieZeddVinvickMasterChief1176NimorOctoberstack 7 votes
Nick Fury (patience is overrated)
FhfjghhggggjfhfjgTony886Etjama_MGP_ 4 votes
Hyperion (go Homelander on em)
Luke Cage (can't touch this)
Thing (the best offense is defense)
Symbiote Supreme (I've got the moves like Stagger)
Darkhawk (didn't need all those sig stones anyway)


  • OctoberstackOctoberstack Posts: 76
    edited September 5
    Archangel (neurotoxin AAR all the way)
    Looking to start Act 5 and make the push for Uncollected. The main champs I plan on using are:

    - 5/50 Blade (duped, sig 80)
    - 5/50 Captain Marvel Movie (duped, sig 30)
    - 5/50 Magik (duped, sig 20)
    - 5/50 Archangel (unduped)
    - 4/40 Hyperion (unduped)
    - 4/40 Nick Fury (unduped)
    - 4/40 Thing (unduped)
    - 4/40 Gladiator Hulk (unduped)
    - 4/40 Kilmonger (unduped)
    - 4/40 Darkhawk (unduped)
    - 4/40 Luke Cage (unduped)
    - 4/40 Symbiote Supreme (unduped)
    - 4/40 Iceman (duped, sig 60)
    - 4/40 Sunspot (duped, sig 20)
    - 4/40 Warlock (duped, sig 20)

    Which champ do you think I should awaken for Act 5? I've heard AA can be very helpful for shutting down annoying abilities and nodes, but NF would objectively benefit the most from the dupe in terms of raw damage output. Although that being said, the Fury arena is just round the corner so I can always wait and dupe him from there as I'll still be within the last couple days of the intermediate bracket.

    Other top considerations include Hyperion (for a more efficient parry/L1/parry playstyle for certain nodes) and Luke Cage (the indestructible should come in handy for making the most out of my revives against the Collector). I've also thrown in some of my other 4/40 options in case there's a handy sig ability I haven't properly considered.

    Who do you think should get the gem?
  • Tony886Tony886 Posts: 492
    Nick Fury (patience is overrated)
    Its good if you wait for next week for nick fury else you should go with Archangel
  • SirmacoolSirmacool Posts: 266

  • hyperion
  • NimorNimor Posts: 43
    Archangel (neurotoxin AAR all the way)
    Archangel>Hyperion are top contenders for me. Imo a gem on aa is the best investment for the future. There are so many annoying stuff you can bypass with awakened aa and a 550 is good enough for pretty much anything (excluding the a6 gates etc). My roster has moved on from 4s to 5s and 6s and the only 4 stars i might need from time to time are for synergies which i don't really use in fights and aa for shutting down and bypassing annoying stuff.
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