Game Down 09/05 [Merged Threads]

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what the title said


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    [release HELLCOW]
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    Yet, again... connection issues have plagued this new release and this is the second outage since the update. Not good
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    I see we have returned to the original dungeon servers. Ah the nostalgia
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    Once more, great job. Each update, it's the same
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    Grab your popcorn. Game down forums are the best show.
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    Down for me as well, almost disconnected on an AQ fight if it did not count I was gonna be super pissed about it. The new update seems to have some problems regarding network connection not very nice to see.
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    Hey everyone!

    We're aware and working on getting this resolved. We hope to have everything up and running soon! Sorry for the inconvenience.

    Such words wont exactly do those that got kicked mid AQ/aw fight much good...
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    Good to know it’s not just me that has mega connection issues with this recent update all the time it’s saying no connection and taking forever to load or move
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    This is really getting redundant, every other day you guys have some emergency
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    Is it that time of year again?
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    I hope there’s a time extension for the AQ
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    Give us 30 minute timers on aq
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    I'm sure I won't lose half my health since it happened during an AQ fight......
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    Seriously annoying. Just bashed Howard in variant 3, 3.2 and managed to avoid any thunderquack damage. Got kicked out just as I ko’d him.
    Guess I’ll be doing that fight again. Pathetic.
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    a shame..first I couldn't play since my power is out for Storm when I do find a way to charge my phone and the game is down..I'm doing arenas btw
  • Game should be back up and running!
  • @Kabam Miike @Kabam Vydious
    Easy for you to say your aware of these outages that really shouldn’t happen period!
    This game has been around for like ever and ur servers still don’t cut it.
    With each update you release, a tonne of bugs get dropped with it.
    Kabam are quick to act on bugs that affect them but when it affects the community it’s just brushed aside like we don’t matter!
    When will we ever see a stable game from Kabam that has decent servers to keep up?
    Sort out these issues before creating more content and charging a tonne of energy yet we only get one refill per login month and these quests cost us well over that. Start increasing the energy refills given out to us
  • When the emergency server maintenance occurred today, going back into the game caused the quest I was in to send me back a fight. And now my champion is dead, whereas before I had already beaten the fight and my champion was fine.
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    Why won’t Kabam go back to giving rewards for inconveniencing so many players. Many of us aren’t taking care of fights we can just redo. I got set back 3 fights in uncollected event quest with damage still done to my champs. Additionally I was kicked out of my dungeon run due to EM and was unable to earn my rewards. I understand it isn’t realistic to make it up to each individual player, but SOMETHING needs to be done to make up for these HUGE inconveniences. You back when Kabam cared.
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    Outage equals timeout in AW. Awesome, there goes full attack bonus.
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    Sort out these issues before creating more content and charging a tonne of energy yet we only get one refill per login month and these quests cost us well over that. Start increasing the energy refills given out to us

    mate you can get a ton of energy refills from other places too. You get a fair few from some Alliance events (I believe it's the 3-day ones? that'd make it about 7-8 per month...)
    And this month, we've got the Summoner Showdown. You can get up to 3 more energy refills each week from that.
    And don't forget we've basically gotten 2 weeks worth in the Time After Time quest. The energy cost for subsequent weeks should go down from there...
    Sure it'd be nice if that quest had 0 energy cost, but I can defs see how that could be exploited (namely around the Time Paradox Solo Quest)
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    Still down for me. Can't even log on
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