Thanks Kabam 😍 4th 6*

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Cant believe i was able to dupe a good 6*


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    CEO Luck confirmed! I am really impressed.
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    Terrific luck. Congrats!

    Dr. Zola
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    "domino doesn't really benefit much from her awakened ability"
    I read this ALL the time but I think the only people who say this are those that don't use Domino often. And I'm not being derogatory here. Awakening Domino pretty much brings her from great to unstoppable
    She's much like IMIW, who I hear the same thing about, BUT if you awaken IMIW and bring his sigs up over 70 he becomes an unstoppable force. Example the other day I took down an Unameable, who had over 40000 points and links connected, with my 4 star IMIW who is not even maxxed but IS awakened with about 80 sigs. (And I'm very much an Average player, if that.) Domino is the same's the difference between Greatness and Godhood, lol.
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