Become part of AHØs! 66/66655 - gold2! 8000+/- 800 prestige

Need active-skilled players to help clear AW and AQ that join in a timely manner and make the moves needed without making us wait to the final minute on bosses!
3bg aw full time once season starts. AQ 3bgs
We have been around for 2 1/2 years and started from a map1/2 with a very solid core of players.
Average prestige 8000 needed +/- 800.
Need skilled fighters with solid roster to move up in AW tiers and active to do more map6
Requirements: Line chat, Active, doesn't waste time and energy.

No quest minimums.
Current donations: 130k gold, 10k BC weekly
Do not reply here. Add me ingame or message on line.
Line I'd: gotszbot
Ign: gotszbot


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