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Can’t connect to beta server

Deadbyrd9Deadbyrd9 Posts: 3,460 ★★★★
I signed up for the new aq beta, but when I try to join the beta server I constantly get cannot connect to server. This has happened before on a past beta as well and I was never able to join the beta server. I can login into the game just fine but not the beta server.


  • I feel your pain. I still can't log on. Every time I try to log into the beta I get logged completely out of the game. Sucks
  • I cannot log into the beta for the Alliance Quest testing. I submitted a ticket and Kabam told me to report it here, so here I am. Anyone else having issues? I couldn't find another thread talking about this. I tried reinstalling game and restarting my phone. I made sure I had the most recent phone and game update. I have an iPhone XS.
  • Hey there, sorry to hear about this. I would first recommend attempting to log out of gamecenter/google play then reconnecting to the game via your regular login methods.
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