Progressive AQ Timers

When Yet Another 30 Minute Timer request thread came in, it dawned on me: you could have easier maps (say map 1 and maybe map 2) have shorter timers, and the harder maps longer.

The reason is to leave the easier maps as a way for "casual teams" to still play AQ where people might just hop on randomly. I could see a player, say, hitting AQ twice in an evening after an hour and a half break for dinner, then going to bed, waking up with an AQ session, then going to work. I can't see map 1 or even map 2 with short timers making much of a difference in the tier standings.

The tougher maps should require a very active team that works well together, so keep those timers as is. (Y'all need to work as a team to get the big points.)

It just gives alliances another tool to keep everyone happy. Like I could see alliances realizing that people just don't play as regularly on the weekends as during the week. Thus, they just play an easy map on the weekend where people can just pop by randomly, and then hard maps during the week.


  • Typical AQ: Join AQ ...3 fights in...out of energy. Wait 5hrs for full energy bar. Re-join Quest. Quest over. Boss defeated. Whole lotta fun here.😒
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