Should Visions heal block work on Sinister?

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I took Vision into the Time after Time event to battle Sinister, thinking his heal block would prevent the Regen. It didnt. I tried to see if there was a node, or even part of Sinisters bio that said heal blocking wouldnt work, but didnt see anything.

Is there something Im not catching as to why it wouldnt work, or was it a bug?


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    Civil warrior works because it doesn’t rely on the defender having a regen buff active.
    You can also out damge him with sparky. 10 poise charges and an SP2. With the added shock, health will melt and he will be down in no time. It works fr me in epic.
  • I was able to get him down, the difficulty or anything isnt what Im mentioning.

    Im asking if Visions heal block should have worked.
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    Yes it should work
  • RotellyRotelly Posts: 388 ★★★
    It does work
  • Thats what I thought, but while it was applied he kept regenning.

    Ok, Ill submit a bug form even though were basically in the last week.
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    Are you draining him to 0 power? If you use sp1 and he is well above a bar of power, there will be no heal block. You either use sp2, sp1 only if he is under a bar of power, or if he is above a bar of power and you only have 1 as well, bait out his sp1, then apply your sp1.
  • Every time I applied the sp2, and applied a Heal Block Debuff that did not work. I know how to play and I know how Vision works, thats why I was asking. Ive been known to miss something like a node or something, thats why I was wanting to ask first in case I missed something before potentially posting a bug.
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    I have 5* Vision Sig 200 and use him daily - I found his heal block doesn't always work against Mr Sinister. I thought this was due to Mr. Sinister's heal being passive and Vision's heal block being active.

    Frankly, I get confused as to what is supposed to happen when passive and active abilities interact. (Another example would be Green Goblin decreasing Vision's innate ?passive power gain...) So I don't know if these are bugs etc or not.

    Vision could use some attention and love. <3

  • Yeah, that was why I brought it here as a question first. Maybe there was a deeper level that I didnt know about, though I would think Heal Block would still be Heal Block no matter what. I know it works on OML even though his is Passive.
  • Troy_Elric123Troy_Elric123 Posts: 171
    It is a bug i reported same and kabam doesn't care. Same happened with doc ock and GR damnation
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