Wrong description or bug with Captain Marvel (MCU) signature ability.

I think the captain marvel (movie) signature ability is bugged or the description of this ability is wrong. Let me explain :

It is said that "when you have more than 20 charges, if you are struck by a special attack, she loses her indestructible buff and half of her charges".
Actually, when you trigger binary ignition before the 20 charges (let's say 12 for example), there is no indestructible buff (that's OK with what is written), but when she is struck by SP, she loses 7 (and not 6) charges. Why does she lose charges although she didn't trigger the indestructible buff ?
When you activated the indestructible buff, after it expires, there is a cooldown, but during this cooldown, you can also lose half (plus 1) charges, even under 20 charges.

Does this mean that awakening her is a punishment ? I prefered my captain marvel when she was not awakened, she could last much longer in binary ignition mode ! I don't know much awakening abilities that disadvantage a character...

Here is a video I have recorded, you can see both bugs (??) : https://youtube.com/watch?v=hZ9seJApghE

And then you can see here signature ability :

SIGNATURE ABILITY: Binary Durability - Above 20 Energy Charges

While Binary Ignition is active Captain Marvel gains an Indestructible Buff for 12 seconds.
This ability can be activated again after a 40 second cooldown.
The Indestructible Buff and half of Captain Marvel's Energy Charges are removed when struck by a Special Attack.

Can someone please tell me what I understand wrong (it is not clear at all) ? Or is it another bug from Kabam ?


  • Ben93Ben93 Posts: 47
    Another problem with this signature ability :
    When you are struck by a special attack between 20 and 24 charges, the binary ignition starts with half of the charges (and the indestructible buff is not activated !)
  • Felix33Felix33 Posts: 24
    I recently duped mine as well and wondering this same issue.
    I don't know any other champion in the game which has a negative signature ability.
    Obviously, we shouldn't get hit by a special in any circumstances but it is quite annoying to lose half your charges if you cannot time a dexterity or make a small mistake.
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