Rank up help

I can take some one to rank 3 which one should it be? I am not cavalier and I am like 80% fully explored act 5. I also have not done any variants?


  • BlackJ4zzBlackJ4zz Posts: 244 ★★
    Captain Marvel (Movie) or Black Widow CV
  • gfduncangfduncan Posts: 29
    Yea I’m just trying to figure out the best between the two with the content I have left? 😅
  • gfduncangfduncan Posts: 29
    I only have enough resources for one atm
  • gfduncangfduncan Posts: 29
    I have a r4 5* Namor, Blade sig 40, CapIW sig110
    I have a r3 quake

    Beyond that all my other champs are memes
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