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Dormomu should be coldsnap and incenerate immune.

In the comics, AND in doctor strange, AND in the game it is repeatedly staed that dormomu is a being made of pure energy, and in that case, IN WHAT UNIVERSE WOULD BE POSSIBLE TO FREEZE SOMETHING MADE OF PURE ENERGY!? OR BURN IT FOR THAT MATTER!?
Anyway so dormomu must be made coldsnap and incenerate immune.


  • Hey Too_qik, thanks for sharing your opinion on this!

    The same suggestion has been made a few times before in the Forums and it's similar to requests for Ghost Rider to be Incinerate Immune and Iceman to be Coldsnap Immune.

    We often have to make decisions like this when designing Champions to maintain the balance of the game and ensure they don't become too overpowered because of their abilities.

    We're always looking at ways we can improve The Contest and existing Champions but we don't have any plans to make Dormammu Immune to Incinerate and Coldsnap. However, if we happen to change our minds about that in the future, we'll be sure to let everyone know!
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