We noticed a number of the Spring of Sorrow objectives aren't working properly, we are investigating and currently working on a potential solution.
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  • Cant he just wait out the aspect of nightmares and only bait a special out after getting the regen, since the heal block is tied to them actually gaining a bar then throwing a special, im not seeing any power gain nodes that would make that particularly hard to do. All of this of course assuming he heals to 75+% health as…
  • Another example. These arent even cherry picked fights this is literally just the first and second fights i recorded. Later in the exact same fight Because im unstoppable you can see the issues even more clearly.
  • 200 + rounds (600+ fights) for 5000 6 star shards which for all i know could end up being a 6* antman dupe isnt appealing. Made worse with the parry bug, dex bug and the overall lag and freezes, arena isnt fun to begin with but when the reward to grind/effort ratio is that bad, i cant be asked.
  • Between the parry and dex bug and the massive lag I personally face in almost every fight, not sure if I have the heart to do the near 100 fights a day of this arena alone to get all the milestones.
  • I listed the others in the main post. (Sig 28 Angela, Thing, Spider Gwen, War Machine, Gambit) Also, yeah I love Mole man but like I said I'm really far from forming a skill t5CC even with SOP rewards (16% right now for skill compared to 59% on mutant). So I wouldnt be able to get him to r3 for TB immediately.