**Temporarily Reverting Tier 1 War Ban System**
We are temporarily reverting from 5 bans back to 3. This change will take place on June 14th.
Please refer to this post for (slightly) more information.


  • @"Kabam Miike" some of us can’t see the new featured crystal, what’s happening?? Restarted the game at least 5 times and still can’t see it.
  • But with starky synergy, danger sense goes to 58%, which is more than 42%, so basically you should get more by your side and not keep getting limbo, unstoppable and astral evade frequently!
  • Kabam Miike said it will take a while to be enabled
    in Beta Comment by Ali18 January 2018
  • HELP! So I did 4:46 hrs with a iPhone 6s, used boosts of 20% or 10% health & attack, 10% or 15% attack changing between those, full suicides and max assassin. My team was starlord 5* and mutant team. Isn't that enough to get a good time?? The event I did is the Spider-Man homecoming