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  • the unspoken christmas gift is the gift that we got at the beginning of the month and it will be automatically opened on that day
  • love the inclusion of mashup champs, helping boost class advantages, as well as boosting mediocre 6*! looking forward to trying my r2 CGR with that 700% fury bonus bwahahaha. also really hoping that the legend fix for time in a fight will happen to monthly events as well. i remmeber trying it before, and my fight time were…
  • love the new root mechanics, and starting with a 7 instead of just 1 off the bat was a great choice, givees a lot of promise for the future. although its pairing node was annoying, i appreciate the challenge it has us face. whats the point of getting rooted if we dont suffer the consequences when we couldve avoided it.…
  • canonically, hot dogs in his universe are made of humans
  • Also maybe some of the runaways? Arsenics Velociraptor or some time travel ability, Backtalk a Smackahands, Bruisers strength, Lucy in the sky, and most importantly; Nico Minoru!!!! She could do regular attacks with just her staff, and specials are using it, but you have to use different ending combos or rotating effects…
  • Saw at the beginning of this thread lot of them have been added so I just skipped to the end. I've liked the Champions run in the comics, so maybe alongside miles and Kamala, they could add Amadeus Cho as either the Totally Awesome Hulk, or as Bruiser. We might not need to add another wasp, but maybe Viv Vision? There's…
  • Most of the champions on the list are either decent (iron man, netflix dd and abomination), or BP who is already amazing (he has lots of great critical bleeds, idk what else you want. Top 5 bleed champs). The worst ones off, and the most people regret when they get them, are KK and HB. Vote for those 2
  • I really don't understand what people are hung up about. last month was extremely gracious with rewards, and this month has slowed down a lot, which personally helps me head back to variant and main story content. plus, seeing how "few" rewards there are, (40 units a day? YES!!!!) they will probably add some super hard…