We are aware of an issue impacting some Summoners, resulting in the loss of their stash of SQ entry keys.
The team will be redistributing lost keys.
Timeline is uncertain.
(Slightly) More information here.


  • 4* duped Colossus was my mutant mvp when i was doing uncollected. That's why my heart tugs me to rank him up. Love his parry-heavy. And his immunity. I'll come back to r4 him up after i rank up apoc to r5, and mags to r4. Hopefully i have duped him by then.
  • Oh, 1 more thing, i personally use Katy Candy's guide on youtube. I find her guide easier to follow.
  • I'm a struggling player as well. My advice, to make the fights easier, pool those boosts from solo event crystals, use 2-3 boosts (orange, green, red) and stock up revives and potions from event quests.
  • Thank you all for providing your feedback. I appreciate your input. I'm going with apoc. Though I agree that magneto red is a stronger champ, just that I struggle with maintaining his prowess.
  • Yup. Thank you. Decided that i'm going with apoc. I'm impressed with the debuffs from specials and heavy. Waiting for the next mutant advancement event. Fyi, i did see seatin's video that he put colossus as no1 mutant champ. Of course a lot of people disagrees. Lol.
  • Agree that among those 3, collossus is easiest to use Since i'll be using only one champ from each class for eq and side quest, I will not have that synergy, unless the path is skill-heavy. I tried using the 3 of them against winter soldier, without any synergy and magneto wins with the lowest amount of attack (160ish as…
  • Thanks for the suggestion. I'm not really a good player, so kinda need a higher level champ to progress in main quest. Got uncollected with a lot of struggle and cursing, not looking forward to reliving that. Lol.
  • I think this is either by design, or a mistake that wad left there. From what i heard 3* and 4* variants have similar requirements. I say rank up other champ. He's the only champ i know that doesn't hit during sp1. What a waste.
  • Agree. But Ben said he did it on day 2, and day 3 was fine. Hoping that it would be fine for day 5 later.
    in AQ Bug Comment by DariusYi July 2021
  • Thank you for providing the workaround on every post. Kabam need to at least provide an in game message about this workaround.
  • Perhaps can send in-game message for officers to edit the next day map and hit save as a workaround while waiting for permanent solution.
  • Checkout the solution by ben above. Has to edit next day map, change map, change again, hit Save for all bg, then try again.
    in AQ Bug Comment by DariusYi July 2021
  • Your solution works. Thank you! But, you must edit, change the map for the next day to another map, change it back to original map, then click the button Save for All BG. Only then it works. Just clicking on Edit doesn't solve the problem. Need to hit the Save for all BG for it to work.
    in AQ Bug Comment by DariusYi July 2021
  • My alliance is having the same problem now. We cannot join aq. 1st and 2nd day was map5, which we can do. 3rd day onwards is map4, which so far, none of us can enter. The 1st day aq had problem to enter initially, but was accessible later around 10AM GMT +8. Right now it's 11.15AM GMT+8, and we still cannot enter. Samsung…
    in AQ Bug Comment by DariusYi July 2021
  • If you have god tier champ like NF, blade and HitMonkey, you may think that elsa is nothing special. But if you don't have the god tier champs before the recent changes on falcon and crossbones, and shangchi, you'll appreciate her more. As others have shared, her busted debuff is very unique. It simply apply damage on top…
  • It happened few months back. They fixed it. But i did have the problem few days before the update. So far it has been OK today after the update.
  • The deadpool love sidequest will not stun the defender after you parry them. It gets 7 seconds cooldown though.
    in Parry Comment by DariusYi March 2021
  • Agree. Heavy or SP LAST hit need to knockdown the opponent, after they activate evade or autoblock.
  • Yup. Having the same problem. Samsung S10. I have global disabled. Not sure if that makes any difference.
  • I played epic. I used the coldsnap and bleed immune boosts on the last stage. Made it easier i think. Did a few runs and had problem with sasquatch and masacre prior to the boost. Immune roster ain't good enough.
  • Not sure if costumer spelling is intended. Good one though lol
  • Duped 5* annihilus. The rest are 3* and 4*. Memorable 4* is duping venom.
  • Thanks for the confirmation. I did create a post before the one you shared above. But you did cover a lot more info there. I initially thought it doesn't consume the key, but as per your test, it does. I'm frustrated that my initial post, and the post you shared above, are not acknowledged.
  • Take an unlocked path, finish the boss. Your key will be lost. It's already opened, but still a key is consumed.
  • Android samsung s10+, having the same problem. For the visual bug on the sig stones, you can select them and they'll show up. I hope they fix the boss pictures on quest graphics.
  • I reported this few days back. I got a video of it today as well. It seems to be: if you have fully explored the map (100%), and you do not have a key, it will not let you pass. You can run it again when you have the key, it will not consume the key. Or run another map that is not fully explored.
  • I just noticed that on the fully explored paths (1st week), it's not showing the number of key i have in my inventory. But the 2nd week does.
  • I managed to make a video of it for those who wants to check it out. Looks like i cannot re-explore the map that i have fully explored. I still can enter opened paths for week 2. https://youtu.be/KtrtVlXj710
  • Not sure if OP is still playing or has quit the game and forum. I think the sooner the player realize that this is an infinite game, the better. You don't have to reach the end game. There is no endgame in fact. There will always be a new chapter, a new champ, for as long as the game exists. You can get similar enjoyment…
  • Oh wait, sorry, i read you wrong. You want class advancement the same time as level up. It would be great, but i kinda doubt they'll do it. It happens sometimes though.