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  • I have used him a lot and he's extremely fun to play with,he is no where close to being the best but he's up there for sure
  • (Quote) Thanks I don't have any of these yet so I had no clue but I knew both were good. I was planning to get a five star duel crystal so I thought I'd ask . Thanks for the info!!
  • (Quote) Bro it takes 7 days to get all those things
    The person has no other reason to do the quest after as he knows even if he does spend he won't reach another milestone so to give such people something to do with Gamma I suggested crystal…
  • (Quote)
    That's why the quest would be useless for players just starting to play, and also 3% chance is not broken I don't get what the problem is if a person grinds for Gamma and spends on a crystal which can give him a champion that helps …
  • (Quote) Well this is in not for those who are already cavalier or uncollected but for a person who has just become proven, I don't see what the problem is if a person has a 3 % chance for a 4 star champ. Also not everyone can become uncollected an…
  • It's fine if you disagree though :)
  • The crystals can (Quote)
    The crystals can be in the fixits store itself .. that's fine but it would be a nice addition highlighting the theme of gamma, the crystals can with terrible drop rates so they aren't broken
  • I mean it won't be a bad thing but again I can see why people going with inappropriate nicknames. If it is added though then it should be something like aegon (gameover4u) so the original name of the champion stays .
  • Well no (Quote) Well no one reall want tear 3 generic catalysts and 3 star sig stone so crystals would be a nice alternative
  • (Quote) Well it would be nice for thos who don't want to spend on fixits store and want other items to spend their Gamma on .

    Also it was a slight disappointment last month when they did this with the previous side quest so it would be …