Please be aware, there is a known issue with Saga badging when observing the AW map.
The team have found the source of the issue and will be updating with our next build.
We apologize for the inconvenience.


  • Nobody,seriously nobody in in our alliance plays AW or AQ,or anything else for that mater anymore because this bloody game bommes out everytime you start,ive logged 2 tickets already and nothing from these kabam bunnies,are they ever gonna fix this game??
  • Kabam youre game is bloody broken for the last 6 months,seriously,this suck,cant You fix this,bommed out 6 times in a cav side quest??????????? and its been like this for a long time,not even playing wars or quests,SERIOSLY!And DO NOT tell me its my internet or my devise,again,its not. So you know what,stuff your game!…
  • Iphone 6 latest software,did a run on cav side quest,game bommed out 6times,noooooooooooooooooooo wtf, seriously kabam can you sort this out ASAP 100m fibre connection,its been like this for 6 months,you gonna sort this? I deleted game and re-installed 4 times already,ive been playing 5 years and this is just the pits,get…