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  • vid of disco when clicking alliance help 4 button https://youtu.be/c0i9Vp1x30o
  • Nexus crystals should just replace the current crystal at same cost. You still get 1 champ, you just have a choice, you really get nothing extra, and you can’t fix what’s broke in the value of the game by charging double..., And none of it will ma…
  • And for his god sake double energy in AQ, I hate losing good alliance members cause their job doesn’t allow them breaks to move every two hours to drop nodes in higher level AQ maps or their time zone is off and it causes us to not clear a map. I h…
  • Also “steal” abilities from popular champs. Example- AA’s stacking bleed and poison to neurotoxins and ability accuracy is great. Why couldn’t storm do freeze damage with heavy and a long or stacked shock on sp1 that can be combined into a new de…
  • so reworks are hard..., Not every champ needs reinvented. OG guilly is good champ, to bad her abilities go down the higher rated champ she fights- beef up block pro, damage and maybe beef up the heal and fix the soul ratio. Fixit joe is a great id…
  • Also, Make rankups easier, maybe I wouldn’t be pissed about pulling lesser or mid grade champs, if I could rank them, but I gotta save that for the 4 or 5 champs that clear content, even if I really like playing silver surfer, I can’t rank him, caus…
  • War-flow: I spent way to many units, to much money, time earning units and resources (like glory that could have went to rank up materials). Then all my stress was paid off with season rewards: 3rd Dupe of 5* Mordo & a shiner new 6*.., Beast. …
  • Same here. My account is about 1 year old and early on, before I knew, better sold all my 1* champs. I tried the 50 unit hero crystal and got 2* champs. Can someone at Kabam let us know if and when some 1 stars will be available?
  • (Quote) So even though I have proof the same exact error happened last month and was fixed..., your point is: If something is wrong/ broken/incorrect, I cant ask someone to check it cause I’m not a bloated whale like you? Wow I didn’t know the foru…
  • (Quote) Wow.. just wow... complaining about a member with a legit concern when you don’t know what you are taking about... Really?
  • Just last month they had the same issue (heroic Lower level cost more energy than master higher level). And they corrected the error. I don’t have coral yet to check heroic, but looks like same issue.(Image)
  • I was very excited to reach uncollected and get access to the GM crystals, but have been severely disappointed. I have tracked and recorded my openings of GM daily and special crystal openings since I had a horrible drop rate on the Nova Flame crys…