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  • Just because there are other “options” doesn’t mean people have these options. I have never pulled a 5/6* Symbiote Supreme. Also, while I have some of the previously mentioned champs that supposedly do what Hood can do, but “better” doesn’t make them play the same as he does - also none of them have invisibility. He was my…
  • I wish we could choose to update the champ to the new stats or leave it alone. Hood was my first R5 5*, nullify champ, and my champion 6.2 slayer… hope he can still work for me.
  • Yup I cannot find it...
  • Thanks! Didn’t see that! Great change!
  • @SiriusBreak yup. You’re living the dream. I’ve given up on recruiting the higher accounts. Thus I’m playing the long game in trying to help some lower accounts grow. They’re usually more loyal in the end. But, it takes a lot of time. We’ll see what happens. Hope they make some changes in AW maps. Seems like a lot of…
  • @SiriusBreak Appreciate the advice, but I already have 3 separate BGs and everyone is assigned a specific group. We don’t have enough from the same area to place everyone in specific time zones. Because of this, I try as best as possible to place them based on when they are active and how well they can clear content. Even…
  • So for example, some guys I give a chance even if they are less active. Some people have family emergencies, some people work 14hr days and are not allowed to play during that time (plus they need to sleep eventually). Most times it’s the time zone issue. If you’re waiting on a node to come down and a guy from another time…
  • Funny thing is I realized I suggested 15 min timers. So I didn’t even mention 30 min. 😂 I only mention reducing the time because I have a few alliance mates that sometimes don’t have time to join until the 11th hour. So at that time they can only move 5 spaces max. By then it’s usually too late. Also, as a leader/officer,…
  • This is exactly what my concern is. I have no issue with the node difficulty, as I said earlier. It’s the bottle necks from the linked nodes that are my concern.
  • Oh thank you! You are soooooooo helpful... I never thought of that! Let me why didn’t I think of...oh right...have you ever tried recruiting for an alliance? Have you ever led an alliance? It’s hard enough to maintain an alliance nowadays - sometimes you can’t be too choosy on who you want in an alliance. Try…