**Mastery Loadouts**
Due to issues related to the release of Mastery Loadouts, the "free swap" period will be extended.
The new end date will be May 1st.


  • What I find even more disturbing, is not one moderator from kabam has commented on the subject. It's like they are not even going to acknowledge the player base concern.
  • Is there anyway you can adjust the starting time of wars? Having these early placement/attack phases are totally messing up our alliance. We are a group from various areas and job scheduling. It took use sometime to figure out our best time so all could place and participate. Now with this early morning start time we are…
  • Any more news on the rewards yet? Still have not received any. Would appreciate an update here soon.
  • So us android users have to go a full month to play the alchemist event we are missing now. 1 month to claim. Rewards we could be using now if we complete it. Something doesn't seem right here. I believe you need to remove the entire quest and fix everything, then try again next month. iOS is gaining an unfair advantage…
  • This is totally unacceptable. Because we run android we have no access to this content. Stop tailoring stuff to the IOS crowd already. It be nice if us android users could do legends run too, or the rest of the game content without lag or missing content.
  • No they are busy merging threads. Oh I mean sure
  • Yeah not at all surprised by the arena being active and not being able to get back in it again. There's some things you just know to expect. I would still like to see a mod post on why the re-entry tickets were not issued out before hand.
  • Yep still waiting over here for the rewards also. Fixing to get all the members of the alliance to drop tickets on them. It's getting a little out of hand now. It be nice to see a response saying they are working on it.
  • Don't worry Gokken I have faith it will go down then too
  • So exactly how much longer is this going to take? I've almost gotten to rank rewards on the ragnaroke Medium blow event. Only need about 7 more fights but It's been down for along time now.
  • So I get 40 units for 8 hours of inability to help in aq/aw, as well as not being able to do guardian quests and other stuff. Doesn't sound right at all, must be iPhone users you cater too. Use android users z don't matter I guess. Since you got all that nice amount of money from use android guys you won't mind much if I…
  • This is annoying, I've got 2 accounts I play, since I like this game. A lvl 60 and a level 51. Both are in different alliances and are currently in an alliance war that I can't do anything with to help. 1 or 2 hours is acceptable but this fix/issue is unacceptable. I can not lead my alliance if I can't get in!