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  • Uncollected player here, running Android 11 on an Oppo Find X2 Lite. Can't see the shards in the objective milestones, and don't have access to the crystals at all.
  • Name: Nightscrawler Phone: Oppo Find X2 lite running Android 10. Further update: My Nick and Corvus continue to be affected. Not sure about anyone else, as these are the only 2 I regularly use with charges. Upon entering the game, and joining AQ, they were both missing charges. Exiting the game, force closing it, and…
  • Name: Nightscrawler. Update to my previous post. Both Nick and Corvus have been working fine for at least a couple of days, in both the main and side monthly quests, and even earlier today. Upon logging in tonight (approx. 23:20 BST), I went straight into AQ with Corvus, and his charge icon was missing, and no charges…
  • Name: Nightscrawler. Date/time: first noticed 21/04, around 23:00 BST. I haven't played the game much this year. Affected champs: No persistent charge icon appears on any champ. Have played with 5* Awakened Nick Fury, who always starts with LMD destroyed, and 5* Awakened Corvus, who has no charges at all. Various…
  • lol you can already get him as an oversized Funko Pop Vinyl 😉
  • There's also a Civil Warrior/Collector action figure set available 😉 Any news on if a second volume of Art of the Battlerealm will ever be published? The first one was really good, and there's been a tonne of new content and characters added since it came out.
  • Yeah, me too. I posted about this a while ago, and also sent a support ticket in, but nothing happened. If you look at this screenshot, there is still an animation sometimes, it's just really faint. What's extra weird is, sometimes there's absolutely no animation at all. At a guess I'd say it's just the animation that's…
  • What about Mojoverse characters..? Longshot Shatterstar Spiral Mojo And also Forge and Banshee would be really cool :smiley:
  • There are 14 people from the UK in my alliance. There's a lot of us out there, just not all that vocal.
  • Yeah, seems like everyone's experiencing this problem since the update, including me. The other specific problem I'm having is, whenever I win a fight, or finish a quest, the little purple flash signifying an extra xp boost due to the Sigil is gone. I wonder if the entire thing's been deactivated by the