We have adjusted the node placement of the new AW maps to better allow path traversal. As a result, defender placements have been reset. Please, take a moment to re-place your defender setup. We will be pushing out a message in-game shortly.


  • @Rockypantherx I've cleared all linked nodes
  • From the YouTube videos I watched when stealth and shulk applies slow he wont get unstoppable
  • rewards sucks for Canadian difficulty. Buff the rewards. Are you gonna make the fights really hard? then give low rewards? like the side event for this month? Why not lock the Canadian difficulty so that more players can have more progress in the game and expand their roster?
  • I have another question bros I have enough things to rank 5 my 4 star SW that is awakened. Should I rank up or not? My other mystics who's the best to rank 5 rather than SW. Ghost R, Magik, Awakend Mephisto, Awakend SW, Awakend Symbiote Supreme. Pls help me
  • @Vinvick My 4/40 Scarlet W and 4/40 Corvus is going to be my rank 5/50 champs I just need 10k more fragments for both tier
  • @Torah13 My Domino is now in rank 4/40 I practiced on RoL and she had insane bleed damage with the synergys
  • @Torah13 I have 4 star Blade Void duped Scarlet Witch duped Ghost duped Corvus Glaive all rank 4/40. I just pulled 4 star Domino should I bring her instead? Thanks
  • Thanks @UmbertoDelRio
  • @UmbertoDelRio Sorry if I did not tell you the rank of my champs Corvus Glaive Void duped Scarlett Witch duped Blade Ghost duped rank 4/40 Quake Massacre Sabertooth rank 3/30 Symbiote Supreme duped 2/20 Vision Age of Ultron Magik Ghost Rider Mephisto 1/10 Ill include 4/40 Nebula and 3/30 DD classic I dont have enough iso…
  • Can some one pick my team for uncollected? My champs: All 4 star Blade Void Magik Ghost Ghost Rider Scarlet Witch Symbiote Supreme DD Classic Quake Massacre Sabertooth Corvus Glaive Mephisto Vision Pls help me also who to bring