The game team has resolved this issue. Keys will be distributed via in-game messages and the quest timer will be extended.
More information and timeline here.
*This includes currently unclaimable keys as well*
As previously announced, the team will be distributing an additional point toward milestones to anyone who completed the Absorbing Man fight in the first step of the Winter of Woe.
This point will be distributed at a later time as it requires the team to pull and analyze data.
The timeline has not been set, but work has started.


  • Thanks for the response, in my understanding the mastery loadouts (presets for different game modes) and updates (new masteries) are two different things? While i understand the mastery update is tricky and when ideas don't work out going back to the drawing board seems natural, i believe the other part with the loadouts /…
  • After a couple of months break from incursions i did a few runs like 2 weeks ago and i enjoyed it. Went in with R5 sig200 ascended agon, put on odin prefights, then went with heimdall and nick i think. I got the permanent hack where you get power when gaining a fury buff, so after you reach 300 combo you just have to get…
  • He is currently at 45 which is hazard shift shock, bleed and conflictor. But maybe i will switch him to the suggested node (49) Thanks for the tips!
  • Sounds good, like a path selector at the start of the quest? Or like the team goes to a random unxplored path?
  • Great family :) My 7* R2 Maestro has his permanent spot on AW defense, which node is the best for him in your opinion?
  • Thanks for the Infos, will do them eventually further down the line when rewards are outdated :D I kind of like KM though, as for the challenges since they are permanent i will focus on the WOW and follow up events before, additionally 8.4 will come eventually and still have some Abyss paths to clear
  • While new masteries could be a refreshing thing, more importantly in my opinion are those heavily requested mastery setups to switch in between for different game modes like arenas, AQ, AW, BG, questing, etc... let it be some gold or something to switch from one setup to the other that would be nice
  • I agree with the fight being extremely annoying and hope the next one won't be as horrible. The biggest issue is th regen obviously, but i dealt with it like other players described: just quit the fight when he starts to heal. I did the gamma objective with a 6* R4 Hulk today and i think the method with first try -> get as…
  • I noticed that too, sometimes when you try to bait a special he wouldn't throw it and then while you are holding block he throws it. But in general the baiting and turtling worked alright for me, was probably bad luck/rng in your case
  • Thanks for the tips, i will try Hulk in the next days, my attempts with 7* R2 Overseer all failed, i couldn't maintain a run without screwing up, and he can't deal with the healing after reviving so i went for the one shot. Additionally there were some issues with his Sp1 stun which didn't work like half the time when abs…
  • I used Void for Diablo, was a one shot For Stryfe i used Gamora, if you manage to get to 8 buffs before stryfe gets invisible it is very easy, just play normal and don't forget to refresh her buffs. My 7* R3 was awesome for it, almost a one shot
  • I tried that one yesterday and also took the heal path because it seemed like the easiest one... man the boss then sucked, i couldn't handle it. It's been a long time since i dropped out of a quest but this time i gave up. Will try in a few days again with a different path. Maybe i missed something too but even after…
  • I would have guessed Kang but with the current Kang situation in the MCU maybe they will drop him as the next big bad, then probably MCOC will too My guess now would be Galactus
  • Thanks, mate, just wanted to be sure since Storm in ROL has at least the new animations, don't know about her abilites tho. Well then i guess next one is Carina Vol 3 Spectacular Spiders and then Vol2 Abyss ones, not really looking forward to them..
  • He was one of my first 6R4 sig 200, its always a pleasur to use him, also in aw, the hazard shift nodes don't do much, but obviously without his sig you don't have that benefit, eventually you will dupe him though, id say go for it
  • Just saw the boss has different nodes, which makes week 2 a whole new experience with the same awesome rewards as week 1
  • While it's interesting how the story continues, to be totally honest the actual fight desing is more important to me, like the last couple of bosses were well designed and skill based, so looking forward to it. Also the corrupted Punisher sounds cool, maybe a hint for the return of the main man Jon Bernthal as Frank
  • Oh sorry didn't read the title, nevermind
  • Gamora should be great for Guardian, super damage and True Strike from SP3, a high ranked can get you through other fights as well
  • I remember when Kabam said Scarlet With classic will likely never be released as a five/six star because she just shreds everything. Don't see a reason for Magik not to be released as 6 star, especially since 7 stars are here now and they are really powerful. As for Quake i'm not sure, i never played her well because of…
  • While the damage you get reflected is much to the attacker, i am afraid it doesn't help too much to reflect it back because of the big health pools. I did it with shuri too, aegon was a pain because even with high combo the aar doesn't work and you get the damage. Maybe if you have a Stryfe or wong?
  • That's a really cool event, wasn't aware of it - anyway i did my share, hit 100% last week, good luck everyone for all your runs!
  • i sold 1200 T3CC, almost forgot about them, and also 650 T4CC, that was nice Kudos Kabam
  • As for path 5, you can use your whole team on Mantis, you do a certain amount of damage per action independent of your attack. Also in one of her phases you need to hit her block so with aegon unblockable you can't do damage there. As for the team, i used odin to prefight my aegon and wiccan for the reverese controls. The…
  • Was there any eyplanation on how the rates will be nerfed? Like no revives at all in earlier content or just so little that its not worth it? Also since the new EQ format there are no revives and potions visible on the maps anymore, but every now and then at the end of the quest you get some, i liked it better before where…
  • If i had to do the first path again (Titania & Guardian) i would bring Doom instead of fury, the vision aarkus and air walker fights were painful with aegon and doom handles those pretty well. I didn't bring Doom for the other two paths of that section either, i'm probably a slow learner lol
  • Congrats mate, I did this path yesterday too Aegon 6r5 sig200, void 6r4 sig 200, gamora, 7r3 unawakened, heimdall, wiccan 6r4 sig 40 Jubilee and Ibom - Aegon ramp up Diablo - Void oneshot, heal reversal at its finest Stryfe - Gamora was awesome for this, just have to make sure to get to 8 buffs asap, don't forget to…
  • First congrats DNA3000, well done! I did my first three runs (paths with Titania, Mr. Fantastic and Sauron) on Saturday, Sunday und yesterday. To be honest i remember doing abyss (still need to do three paths combined with Carina challenges) being much more exhausting and annoying. I still have ptsd from the first two…
  • I always thought Abomination should instead of poison have a new radiation debuff or passive, with the nuclear hazard symbol So radiation could be a new DOT, not sure how many characters this would apply to from the comics?
    in DOT update? Comment by Prentex May 2023