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  • Trials in questing against Hela shows that her spirits reset after they hit zero(amounts jump back to starting amount of souls). Her furies are able to be built up unlimitedly, and did not expire. Is this a bug?
  • (Quote) I used a combo of OGCA and OGDD to take down the collector. Was a very good combo, deaths were very minimalized
  • Can the administrators clarify the changes to Punisher 2099? Is it just a visual change in the battery charge up? And since the update 14.0, Punisher's overdrive doesn't work on MD anymore. Is it a bug? And is his regen ability supposed to be able t…
  • (Quote) I should also point out that changing NC's modes requires some amount of luck. But if you happen to consistency fail at being able to change NC's mode then that may be just because you're not expierenced enough to know how to do it well
  • (Quote) NC requires skill to beat. I'm decent at defeating him on any node, but my big brother is much, much better and has been taking down massive stun immune NC's for a while---- if you want an example of a "hard" NC boss kill then thi…
  • (Quote) Use a Guillotine.... it took me like two revives and that's it. (My first run through her was a disaster but don't mind that lol)
  • Here's a tip for beating the collector if you have the right champs--- use a full hp CA on him first, use your other champs for extra damage, then finish him off with a full hp DD classic. It worked really well for me
  • (Quote) Thank you for the reply. Also, Punisher's regen is listed in the [nano-tech] automatic effect---does this mean it can work more than once in the scenario that you are at below 10% hp and you use up all your battery to gain more hp(to be ab…
  • Which [nano-tech] "automatic effects" can repeat and which cannot? Please make a short outlining list please. This is of reference to when punisher is able to gain enough battery to do the effect again
  • Nothing, Administrators?
  • The new featured always come a week into the 2 week long length of the rerun of the 5* featured(atm archangel).... which is tomorrow---has kabam changed it this time then :/
  • Thank you for the info guys! I'm testing math stuff rn so I'm just trying to figure out the SA thing before I eventually head to another alliance
  • You guys complain too much. The revives are just now another nonunit source---take it or leave it you can use glory for potions if you need more hp