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  • Quicksilver is long overdue ever since both Age of Ultron and Days of Future Past at this point id accept either version but would prefer the blue/silver/white spandex comic version
  • Lucky!!! Im really good with nightcrawler. I only had him as a 2 star but i could beat certain 4 stars with him it pisses me off that he's so darn rare though.
  • Don't have a shot but I got a 4* Venompool out of a premium
  • well I have an iron man but I just use him to heavy trap anyone I can't beat legit lmao
  • They could still have something up their sleeves but every buildup has a bassdrop and vice versa and seeing as how we've seen a buildup for something and the arcade game dropped outa nowhere... The odds of it being something else aren't very good
  • Personally i think this is one of kabam's worst ideas yet and that it's kinda a kick to the balls for all of us that have been waiting for the "Big Announcement" they've been rolling up to but hey that's just me
  • Haha sorry guys sapazzin is just saying his hand look weird auto correct did me dirty on that one, and the info is appreciated thanks
  • Ok, for the absolute WALNUT that said no im up for suggestion, how do you think this could be better?
  • Granted you'd be a lot stronger and tbh i forgot to say there would still be a limit and you couldnt just endless stack please disregard this post
  • Damn bro not all of us are that awesome I guess
  • Bro make this into a poll I'm sure it'd get kabam's attention
  • I'd like to see an Apocalypse that has a "Power Amp" synergy that works like heimdall's synergy and the "Courage" skill where when a champs health drops below 50% they get a 30% damage increase for 20 seconds
  • Use evade and block as much as possible, Ghost is best at wearing down stronger enemies over time so try not to put yourself into risky situations where the opponent could get you in a massive combo this advice is most useful against champs with a stun or dot effect it is also good for champs with unstoppable but slightly…
    in Ghost Comment by Raiden141 February 2019
  • Like I said I'm a little bit of a noob so "L2" may be a pretty common phrase that I've just never heard of and while it would be against terms and practically cheating that doesn't mean there's not a few people out there that haven't found out how to do it, I know there are programs in place for this kind of thing but…
  • I totally agree while they are 5 stars theres no reson why the shards req should jump from 2k to 10k idk maybe 5k so that way it takes actual skill to acquire the shards but none of this being on game for days or weeks (depending on how active your alliance is) at a time
  • As a frequent user of guillotine I can say that from my experience her bleed effect is the only one I truly notice