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  • Yeah because they can’t fix there own issues with any reliability, they’ll doc us the extra point that wasn’t free to get. Give me my boost and revives back for the misleading message that it was being extended even though the issues remain.
  • “What if your defenders was one of the upper guards or boss”? Not my problem, they get a pop up warning ⛔️ plain and simple. I don’t give a flying F! what happens to there little point standing or war tier level they’re at. These babies wanna kick while I’m placing then give me my champs back.
  • I have received it 3x...
  • I just noticed the HELP button is kicking me out as usual but it's once the counter get near max help for the day. I can help my alliance up to about 4 to go and then BAM it starts to boot out for lost connection...
  • I concur with above mentioned crashes, from help button to lost connection during arena fights. This has never happened to me ever so fix it please. iphone 11...
  • I guess I'm ahead of my time.... 😂😂
  • I need help with this please, I did chap 2 first it shows complete. I did chap 1 after 2 and now chap 3 is still locked and won't unlock unless I complete chap 2? I did chap 2 so now what? do it again?
  • Game is still fried, Master level, last map I can't get passed vision it just repeats. Arena I'm getting data error time out and the game just acts as if I never fought the first of 3 in the match.
  • Still not fixed, oh hey IT’S STILL NOT FIXED!!!!!!
  • This issue is very random, it’s not consistent on my 7+ by any means. I duped AA(arena)over the weekend with minimal issues. Simply switching to a duel with a random search for opponent and boom in the freezer my phone must go to cool down. The heat is literally instantaneous and extremely odd.
  • My 7+ is still experiencing problems at RANDOM.. Sometimes I can play arena for hours and my phone only gets a little warm. If I alliance search and duel a particular 6 star I’ve been picking on my phone gets super hot and locks. I put it in the refrigerator a few minutes, log back in and played more arena and it wasn’t…
  • Iphone 7+ ios 11.4 wifi Device getting hot, lock up, black screen, other apps freeze(gmail etc etc) Requires hard reset... Seems my troubles start when I let the game time out and my phone wants to sleep due to inactivity(ai play). The game keeps cranking and when I go to wake up my phone it’s hot and freaks out. Game play…