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  • As someone who spends quite a bit on this game, I say this is just bulls**t! The community calls for more inventory space and faster recharge times and you do this? That’s a huge middle middle finger to your player base. I saw a comment on here that suggested a one time purchase for extended inventory space. Now that I…
  • This may have been answered already, but am I correct in assuming that on Sept 11th MD will be re-locked and I will have to re-purchase the entire mastery and all previously unlocked levels?
  • I agree. It would be cool to see some actual change and variety. The Sentinels are just lazy and half assessedly “new”, but get old even faster then Symboids. I think they should introduce some new “henchmen” as suggested or just use actual already in-game champions.
  • Agree! The Symboids were getting old but at least they weren’t *too* repetive (I.e not ALL mystic or whatever class had the same specials). The Sentinels are even more boring! They do the same s**t every time! Why replace the “boring, old and stale” Symboids with and even more repetitive and boring opponents that are going…
  • Despite my many annoyances, I love the story behind the Main Quest and the Event Quests. I love the way it manages to be dramatic and impactful (I mean that Act V ending!) which is not something you see in mobile games too much. The ability to collect my favourite Marvel characters! And I also love all the little events…
  • “We are not at a place or time where we can increase the rewards or fully refresh the mode right now.” So why even do a half-assed “update” that, so far, it seems everyone will hate? Why not just wait til everything can be refreshed properly?
  • Yeah. Bug is still there... Especially bad in AQ, guess since it’s a bug that forces you to spend units of you want to finish AQ, they’re in no rush to fix it. Also, dashing back in AQ now means “let’s perform a random medium attack instead of dodging this special”
  • Hopefully it’s fixed 17.1. It’s getting even more upsetting now! Especially when it’s costing me resources! I’ve now gone from “fully expecting compensation” to “fricken demanding compensation” for this sh*t.
  • @UndeadProphet Same here. And I noticed Specials don fire off consistently. I hit the “button” and my champ either stands there and gets hit or there’s a delay long enough opponent to block and I get hit. I’m never one to call for this, not even after 12.0, but I fully expect some compensation for this. I used a lot of…
  • @XFA_Rebooted Well... I do have sausage fingers. Lol jk
  • @HolyDirkness41 Yeah, that throws me with Iceman when I try to heavy to detonate his Frostbite charges. Specials seems kinda wonky too..
  • Yay! Hopefully it’s soon. It keeps costing me fights in the Challenge. And I’m not going to spend any revives for that.
  • It appears to be worse in the Michael B Jordan Challenge.. It’s happening way more often in those fights than it does in Arena..