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  • Hey Team, I am experienceing the game crashing completely and MAJOR lag. I use Andriod, manly on a tablet, but sometimes on my phone as well. I usually only see the issues whren using my tablet. Also waiting for the team to fix the chat issue, wh…
  • ok, WTFare "milestones in arena"??? I'm still learning the game as it's so dam big, but, I hope that I am learning to ask all the right questions.
  • Instead of that, they already increased the ways you can get gold in the game. Even before that, there was no gold problem for people who would play regular content. Now there's nothing to complain really. If you have gold problems, then you are mis…
  • Hey Kabam team, I have noticed since the update (Flame On) that the chat now opens into the global chat instead of my alliance chat. Also, I have experienced some crashes, the game totally crashing and closing down, in additon to the game being ver…
  • Thank you guys for all the comments, I sincerely appreciate the help. It's good to know that the longer you dedicate to the game the easier t 4 cat catalysts come somewhat easier. 🖒
  • XxOriginalxX wrote: » You want strong champions? Devote time to the game, you don’t get the strongest stuff until you’ve put in the time. No sh*t d00d! I devote my fair share of time to the game.. that's not the issue I posted about. If yo…
  • I know this is an older thread however, I can relate to this as well. Specifically for me, I'm having one he|| of a time getting Teir four class cats to rank up my 4* to rank 5. I understand the need to make it "challenging" for us to get the class …