• Seems like this had gotten worse/more prevalent. V3 1.1 stun immune path. Not only launching specials but dashing back and just dropping their block as well. All champs on that path have been doing it, but the Modok is practically unplayable with this bug. You pretty much have no option but to hit into his block the whole…
  • On a positive note, at least the forums are going down for maintenance in about 10
  • That's my guess too, but it would be nice to hear from a mod if that is the case, rather than having to guess. Seems odd to have a higher starting prestige and score less points, and also drop about 15 places in the ranks. Any chance we can get a mod to chime in, please?
  • We had a higher starting prestige and wound up with less points this AQ compared to the last one. Both times we 100% map 5x5. Could it be because of the different mini bosses?