We noticed a number of the Spring of Sorrow objectives aren't working properly, we are investigating and currently working on a potential solution.
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  • Blade came in useful for Gwenpool in SOS recently. This made me worried about opening Titans today
  • Nodes are quite restrictive. Angela and Venom would be great choices for this boss. I used Angela for every run
  • Nick Fury is my pick, his bleeds are just amazing and satisfying to take out opponents
  • Exact numbers of y do not matter, just type around 5 to 6 y and user will appear in the search results
    in Dual Comment by Sunstar19 July 7
  • Yea he is really annoying. One positive I always have from SoS or WoE fights is that i learnt how to fight those difficult champs which otherwise I not have been able to learn, such as Onslaught SP1 or Dani’s SP2 and now Anni’s stifle
  • Had missed it was only one fight, fought Arcade in Duels 10 times. To think I wondered how I achieved the objective when I lost twice in those duels.
  • You can consider Heimdall for tough fights like these. Can save you some revives
  • Yes, it’s more redundant than confusing, not to mention my screen hangs for few seconds after I selected some potions to use which never happened before
  • Thanks, good grief I miss the days when 18k units can get you the champion selector crystal.
  • I realized there is no guaranteed crystal to choose Onslaught if I buy offers Tier 1 to 4 once after I read the infographics again. The 2023 champion selector is for Tier 8 which I won’t have units to go all the way. Is my understanding correct?
  • I used the same phone. My phone lags on Torch animations not Dust. Only use this phone for playing MCOC, nothing else. Using other apps may consume RAM and thus leaving MCOC to be less stable
    in NERF DUST!! Comment by Sunstar19 June 30
  • @willrun4adonut Thanks a lot! Your picture was extremely clear to show where I should parry. It now works perfectly after practising many many times. Turns out that I always parry too late right at the instant when the blast is going to hit me. What a difference this makes! From 10+ revives each for first 2 objectives to…
  • Fully agree I always look for the champion selector as it is a guaranteed champion if I’m looking for one. RNG can be very frustrating and demotivating if you are looking to spin hoping to a specific champion.
  • No problems with distancing, it’s when I need to tap as the non contact blast that comes close. Parry when the blast is almost touching? Sounds like a silly question but seldom have problems to parry except for this one
  • Deciding between Onslaught and Vox.Heard a lot of good things about Vox. From non BG perspective as I don’t play much BG.
  • How do you guys nail down the parry on SP1 non contact blast? My timing is always off and got clipped most of the time?
  • Kabam, great improvements. Starting to like it after the first day, easy to finish milestones and rewards are great for the amount of efforts put in. Rewards by itself are also better than before.
  • Ghost with her phase mechanic, gains power if miss during phase. Really have to be familiar with other champions animations.
  • Read the post again and I see it now - the crystals are now placed into each of the milestones. Thanks for the quick reply and assurance.
  • Same for me, I posted this comment few days ago with no reactions. Thought I was the odd one out
  • Used Blade, Toad and tons of revives. What I learned is to focus the reversal control icon most of the time, peripheral vision on Gwen’s motions. This helps me to dictate if I should handle reverse controls or not. It’s challenging just the way it’s meant to be but not ridiculously impossible. Glad this is Gwen and not…
  • I don’t like the new UI look for additional reasons. The old way of switching to the prestige numbers works just fine but showing those numbers along with the health bar seems to undermine amount of health my champion has remaining. It is difficult to see everything when bunched up together, including the side buttons for…
  • Can someone post the usual opening of 4 or 5 stars to bring us back to reality?
    in magnetron Comment by Sunstar19 June 6
  • I realised I got so much better at fighting Onslaught. Have increasingly picked him for Arena fights just to practise my dex when in the past I would avoid at all costs. Can now dex SP1 with more confidence. Like all things in life I never realised something is possible until I gave it a try or many tries.
  • Finally finished the fights, used Shang Chi and Photon no DKG so skipping the last objective. Big thank you to simula who taught how to dex SP1 on his YouTube video. Never believed to be possible but in the end I was able to dex more than half the time. Everyone is right SP1 dex is the key to the fight. Used tons of…
  • Ghost fully ranked up even at 4 star and paired with any level of Wasp works best, if you know how to use Ghost. Remember don’t parry if Ultron shows a power gain buff which will activate if you parry. Best not to parry at all.
  • Hulk Ragnarok face me ability turns this into a normal fight
  • In the absence of nodes, I feel Onslaught is already a very tough fights with 3 immunities and multiple dex needed for sp1, etc. Not looking forward to this one at all
    in SoS part 2 Comment by Sunstar19 May 29
  • I do it daily only because it’s a guaranteed revive and would always need it sooner rather than later. Was looking for an option that Apothecary is not bad and can be improved but it was not provided. These daily revives are never enough for me on the difficult quests like SoS but I still need to do this daily otherwise I…
  • I wrote down notes for every boss fight! Credits to Kabam developers who were able to design unique fights for each boss. Now I just need to go back and clear remaining paths middle of Act 8.4. Congrats on finishing!