We are aware of an issue impacting some Summoners, resulting in the loss of their stash of SQ entry keys.
The team will be redistributing lost keys.
Timeline is uncertain.
(Slightly) More information here.


  • My bad, wasnt trying to derail the thread. For the most point i got what i wanted to say across, thanks for being honest btw.
  • Precisely what i was getting at. Glad not all of forums are close minded
  • The quantity is so blown out of proportion that you are careless of those who have exploited for less. The person who stole the bread and didnt get arrested received more than the person that got arrested and all their items confiscated
  • Exploiting is exploiting regardless of the scenario, which is a violation to TOS, which is a ban able offense
  • Going by your logic, absolutely yes
  • So then those who have exploited the additional 4 crystals should be banned as well, correct?
  • So exploiting is ok to do yes?
  • Thats the problem with everyone here seeking justice. They have no answers, or support for what they are saying, and cant respond to a valid argument without getting in their feelings. You’re bringing up evidence that isn’t relevant to the argument. Jeez dude
  • Oh we can assume all day, but that wasnt the question.
  • So all i got from this is you dont care about exploiting as long as it doesn’t benefit the player by a significant amount, am i correct?
  • Whats the difference? In one instance, exploiting is involved. In another instance, exploiting is involved.
  • So what you’re saying is you wouldn’t have them banned for exploiting 4 additional crystals? Just to remove them right
  • Answer me this, if someone bought 5 6*s from an event quest store when it was only intended to be one 6*, should they be banned as well?
  • Cant even call you a lackey tbh, you got bars on your pfp for going over the top lol. Im only here to see if kabam takes any self accountability for their mistake
  • Yes you are starting to finally understand that you ARE idiot lackeys, I appreciate that self awareness. But no ik a few buddies that got banned already in response to the mythic crystals.
  • If kabam makes the mistake they can correct it. If the player makes the mistake, they are disowned, banned for a week and demeaned. Thats some real justice you’re cooking up there lackey
  • As i said. Kabam lackeys who completely ignored the entire point of the post.
  • Oh you're an insignificant fragment of this game to me. I play for my alliance, we are a great team. My frustrations are directed at kabam, as to which kabams lackeys respond to with their bs and non sense such as what you yourself are doing. Funnily enough my main points are always being avoided because there is no…
  • Also i agree, everyone in here are intellectually lacking and i am pretty smart. Forums is obviously where kabams puppets attack players with valid points which i was aware of, but i still like to voice my opinion even if it has no impact. Ik kabam reads them because they take my posts down, so atleast ik they are aware…
  • Wrong offer/ was in store in an event i can’t remember but was recent
  • Whats funnier is you missing the point entirely instead of taking into consideration what it meant. Kabam giving away 1k+ crystals carelessly thinking nobody would open them are the bigger morons, and deserve to be slandered for being a terrible company being carried on kabam miikes back. You’re a joke if you think…
  • Take this into perspective. Remember when that thronebreaker offer recently where thronebreakers got more 6*s than they were supposed to. They got to keep it without any consequence despite it being considered exploiting a bug. Kabam didnt care though because it was a minor difference in rewards only being a couple 6*s.…
  • You thought kabam cared about their playerbase??? For shame
  • Wanna be basic: herc/doom. Hulk seems like the best not obvious option of the champs you listed.
  • As fun and exciting as it is to see, there is no judge jury and executioner. Kabam is completely in the wrong, not the player base. Thats what people keep getting twisted. Nobody would be exploiting bugs if they didn’t exist. Had kabam tested their game for once, none of this would be happening.
  • Oh but it really IS though. Players that are still opening crystals right now are making it increasingly more difficult for kabam to not screw up. Say, if you got a champion from a mythic and duped them with shards unrelated to the mythic crystal, it turns into a problem.
  • Lol thats the most irrelevant question to ask anyone whose opened them. Its kabams fault, dont flip it on the player. Kabams already finding their resolution to the issue THEY created.
  • It sounds very complex to track the players whose rosters changed drastically, and are continuing to change without the influence of mythic crystals making it harder to get rid of the exact champions. Big mess for sure
  • What is there to argue? You took what i said personally which is your choice, but i will not stoop down to that level because its not that serious. I guess what im trying to say is that you hold no relevance to me and your opinion is invalidated is all. Im sorry i didnt put much of a fight, but i will bow down gracefully…
  • I agree. Folks like @ItsClobberinTime who get too emotional or folks like @DNA3000 who make sense but get too technical really just doing too much at this point. Best we can do now is wait to see what kabam does and go from there