• Guys! Most of the ios users are facing this issue. Everyone who is facing this problem pls post it here (Only for ios users) :
  • Are you an ios user? If yes then post it here:
  • My game is also stuck. I was exploring act 4 and since it is off season, I finally had time to do it 100% but this bug really stopped my progress. Kindly reply regarding this issue.
  • In-Game Name : S T A R K Device and Model : iPhone 5s Device OS : 10.2 Cellular & Wi-Fi : Both (Wi-Fi mostly) Game Version : 21.3 Game Mode : Story Quest Act 4 (All chapters & paths) Description of Issue : Whenever an Adaptoid pops up (Ambush) and I try to enter the fight, the game automatically CRASHES. Please fix this…
  • I'm playing on iPhone and whenever adaptoid pops up and I enter the fight the game crashes. I even re-installed the game but same result. It happens on every path and every chapter.