• I'm not saying Kabam particularly, but who are responsible. MCOC has license in China already. If Netease/Kabam knows it's illegal to have global server in China, they shouldn't do this in the first place. MCOC Android in China has domestic server for a long time, and Netease/Kabam didn't do the same thing for iOS. This…
  • from the observation, it's about the China GFW. My theory is because iOS is 'global game server', while on Android, Netease has a domestic server.
  • any Any VPN that works in China to access goog/FB can do it. Don't use something like game speed up service, it won't work.
  • it is blocked in China for sure. Using a VPN can login as a workaround, but yes it's a disaster now. I would ask for refund now.
  • Now by using a VPN service, I am able to play again. It looks like the China GFW has blocked MOC. Now the question is, why? If it's about 'global game server', then either NetEase publish iOS Server in China. But what about the money we have spent on? If like android version there is a Chinese domestic server, then we will…
  • the Game is approved in China and get license, why we cannot connect now? Why no any offcial reply to this? It has been two days now. Is it form China GFW to ban this or this is Kabam's issue? As I understand NetEase is the partner in China, why no response as well?