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  • Re: Major issues with recovery timings, dexterity, and all combat mechanics [Under Investigation]

    Kabam Wolf wrote: »
    Hey all. Checking in here to clear up some stuff.

    The reports about lag are being looked into. We've mentioned that in a few different threads now.

    As for the videos you posted about AI reaction time, I'll talk to the team about it and get back to you here.

    Finally, there is way too much off-topic discussion and debate going on in here. Please only comment in this thread if you're posting new information/videos/screenshots that will help us with the investigation. Comments involving conspiracy theories or speaking on other player's opinion's etc etc, do nothing but bloat the thread and make it harder for us to locate the useful comments.

    I'll post an update in here once as soon as I know more about the AI reaction reports. Thanks!

    I can you not know already. Theres about 20 post about those issues. If you got nothing to say or constructive insight about it don't come out saying the same random thing. Where have you been for the last month..... smh
  • Re: Who should I work on?

    Nightcrawler though it depends on what you're using him for and what tier you are in if you plan to use him for defense.

    Besides with 6* coming 4* will be less useful

    Would you all please stop spreading false informations in regards of 4*. They will continue to be very effective as many of us used them even over 5*. Completing act 5 is a doozy with the right 4*. By the time the majority of players have a decent 6* and the resources to upgrade such champ, 4* and SOME 5* will still be relevent.
  • Re: Lagging on iPhone 5s

    On 5s and no lag but did not installed the new ios 11. Got a 7 also and its fine too.
  • Game down?

  • Re: Cutoff for 4* punisher arena.

    3.5-4 mil