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  • Signature Ability update Drax has mastered the art of standing so still that no one recognizes him. standing still for 3 seconds enter Invisibility, preventing from getting hit from any source by the opponent. Invisibility ends when Drax attacks or launching Special Attacks or dashing back. Invisibility doesn't work…
  • Ercarret I agree with you. I was planning to give him the idea of immunity to Offensive Ability Accuracy modification, but i jut thought it's too much cause he already got immunity to weakness, power burn, power steal, and power drain. But maybe it's a great idea to add immunity to Offensive Ability Accuracy modification…
  • By 9 max Furies i mean the Fury Buff is converted to Destroyer Buff after reaching more than 9 So 10 Furies is automatically converted to Destroyer Buff.
  • that'd be a great solution to this. I feel like it's too risky to intercept against opponents with evade or falter or phase but at the same time, i know that adding miss and evade counter in his base without having to do anything is just doesn't make sense. But honestly that true strike idea is really nice.
  • I agree but i was a little bit afraid to make his base ability a little bit too overpowered.
  • i disagree. suicides aren't meant to be used by all champions. and yes it costs loads of units, but the price you pay is for "suicide". it literally is called suicide because the ability to increase your damage output at the cost of its suicidal reduced healing and health drain. not to mention recoil damage is worth the…
  • Well i just played again and it now turns to stable 29-30 around the actual match. When I finished the match, it's 45-60.
  • Well, i don't know about that, mine stays 30 sometimes 60 but only at certain points (not stable). I'm sure it's not my device, so we'll see what others think as well.
  • This seems fun, although the sig ability is a little bit too overpowered. But I'd say the whole frostbite and coldsnap thing does make sense. Kabam let's make this happen! or at least a nice tune up, he's Loki after all! just pulled him as a 6*