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Running Suicides is a great idea. It's a lot of work collecting thousands of units and putting them into masteries. Recoil is painful. I understand it's the soul you sell to the devil but we already get the bleed and poison and lose a lot of health from it, not to mention the heal reduction from poison. We also lose so many units after investing them in Coagulate, Recovery and Willpower apart from core suicides. It's my request to modify recoil to 2% or 3% rather than taking away 5% chunks of health. There are many champions who need specials ro build up or are dependent on special attacks for damage. As the game progresses to harder and longer fights, use of specials is inevitable. Or maybe if not 2% or 3%, you could guarantee last hit as critical or inflict a damage effect or something or remove the heal reduction from Liquid Courage.
I request! Bring either of these changes or at least something to Recoil to make it more enjoyable and not a disheartening thing. Cheers!


  • Varad18Varad18 Posts: 162
    This is not a rant, it's just a friendly suggestion. If it feels illogical or irrelevant, I'll be happy to apologize. 😊
  • ShadowstrikeShadowstrike Posts: 2,628 ★★★★★
    You summed up the answer in the first section.. It's the price you pay for selling your soul.

    Suicides without consequences isn't really suicide. There are plenty of immune champs to make it work but if you believe in suicides, your focus should be on all our nothing type strategies or regen champs to help counter it.
  • KiljackKiljack Posts: 17
    i disagree. suicides aren't meant to be used by all champions. and yes it costs loads of units, but the price you pay is for "suicide". it literally is called suicide because the ability to increase your damage output at the cost of its suicidal reduced healing and health drain. not to mention recoil damage is worth the special attack rating we get, especially for crazy special damage champs.

    to me it just doesn't make any sense if suicide mastery is all beneficial without any negative effect.
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