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  • Terry, give it up. They really dont care , as long as you spend money - thats the main point.
    en To kabam Comentario por LastEmperor agosto 2018
  • I have @svswi I dont buy the luck thing, 3 years playing and ive seen certain players pull top champ after top champ with little effort and certain players just getting junk after junk. There is no balance as they always state there is, theyre full of it.
  • Keep waiting dude - they’ll probably give you 1k 5* shards, some lvl 3 pots and an energy refill b/c thats what it takes to be the strongest summoner out there. Company is a joke.
  • Alliances from Master to Platinum 3 should all be reviewed for piloting and use of mod - even if they use VPN before season ends. Theyre getting gutsy thinking towards the end , nothing will be done. Just my general opinion and what ive witnessed. @Kabam Miike
  • Exactly, they only make changes prior to something that may be beneficial to players in upcoming content. Check the history of changes.
  • Rank down tickets ? @"Kabam Miike" Its tiring that champions are always being downgraded after much time/money and resources have been spent. This needs to stop - im really hoping for rank down tickets to whoever has ranked 4/5 him.
  • Thanks, however thats irrelevant to what i posted. Swiping forward to charge in and attack then dashing back shouldnt come close to tapping block and said champ dashing back.
  • Im having the opposite happen actually with iPhone X, when going in to attack , champ dashes backwards. Have also had the game randomly pause on its own. Are you guys aware of this @"Kabam Miike" ?
  • Don't even try to double evade, instant death. You wanna block? Instant death. You wanna parry? If it works, which most times now it doesnt, pray it doesnt shave off 20% of your health. Im not sure how this is a game anymore, it seems to me theyre implementing a casino slot machine with marvel characters. 2 crashes in aw…
  • People are quitting in dozens. This game is not enjoyable anymore. Over 2 years and I'm probably gone too, you cant even play correctly with all these issues, and best part of it, kabam doesn't care. No compensation for bugs that are causing instant death.