**Known AQ Bug**
We are aware that some alliances encountered a bug during this last AQ that would not allow them to start maps on certain days. We know this has impacted your rewards.
We have been looking into the cause of the problem and once we have resolved it we will explore how to make things right for the impacted alliances. We will provide any additional communication in

this thread.

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  • I would call it more “expressing a desire” rather than complaining. It has a more positive vibe, and I don’t sense much anger or anyone being upset about the issue.
  • I was thinking the very same thing. I am missing one piece and we haven’t really had any recent offers
  • Restarted the map to complete the last path on Heroic… and the map is bugged. It was my last path. Please fix. A free full refill would be nice for the lose of progression.
  • This is what I see on the map.
  • I didn’t get the offer… yet people in my alliance got to purchase it twice. I would buy it a second time myself… but it seems Kabam turned it off while I was in meetings. It would be enough to get me to Paragon too. Not a good experience, Kabam.
  • Just great… logged in at lunch to see the new objectives… had a quick meeting, come back rank up a champ and didn’t get credit. Checked the objectives and they were gone. Came on here to see they pulled the objectives in the 15 minutes time…. Sigh. Why can’t we have nice things? Guess I am SOL on the rank and level up.
  • @GroundedWisdom And what about people with smaller rosters where the could use them for extra points for milestones? Are they to only be forced to use what few R5 5*’s? Do you not see the problem on that front?
  • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QNF6h2R5sPI @GroundedWisdom For your viewing pleasure... I bring you were Ilacskillz spoke about not being able to us 4*’s anymore and how he and F2P used them to grind for featured 5*s.
  • F2P grinders would run 4*’s for points between refreshes... I doubt you do 70+ million grinds. Every little bit helps. Non-F2P will boost and spend units... F2P have to rely on 4*’s between refreshes. Have you ever watched an Ilacskillz stream? :). He does just that, and as gotten in the top 150 without spending units.
  • First, thank you for the correction. I was going by autocorrect. You could you all champs, but if you took a team of 4500 (all 1500 champs), you would face the 60,000 death squad. With no real chance to win, especially with the holding of the sp to Sp3. There were tons of complaints when there was a huge shift in R3 6*’s…
  • @DoubleDelta and I agree with you that the matches don’t take that much longer really. It is not like the people you are fighting are on nodes like in AW. Occasionally you might get a tough fight out of three when you have an unbalanced team. If you don’t mind losing one, you can have an easier two fights. But if someone…
  • dude the guy I stated that to did 2 r3 and 1 r5, the direct opposite of what you did
  • I wish, but they announced the revert. Basically, you need to balance out your team if you are making a team below about 29k... the closer you are to 30k the more you can lopside your team to include 1 lower rank champ. I could perform under each method, so no big loss for me. I just think the new system would have…
  • The issue is that you put an R5 with 2 R3... you sandbagged your team. 30k vs 52k... it is still fair and within the 2x... You need to relearn how to put your teams together. Do two r5’s and one r3... it would clip the algorithm and give you the infinite streak... the new method is 100% total PI related
  • Thank you... this was exactly the point of the changes.... stop the death squads on 4* and low rank 5*... the new max pi on matchmaking allowed for matches on R1 6* and R4 5* within those parameters... it was a true deathsquad, but 2x their strength. It is not an impossible task with the AI. But those that are just wanting…
  • Roster is exactly your problem, I can get 5.5 million with my 6*’s alone in one run. 3 runs equal more than enough points to get top 10%. Most people stop at milestones. Sorry mate, you are wrong with the amount of time needed. That is just a you problem. As I said antidotal.
  • Stop bringing the antidotal when you really need are facts and an overall understanding of what the changes are intended to do and how the arena works by in large. Your argument is “time”... but you are talking to someone who knows what it means to juggle family, a full time job and arena... I also know what it takes to…
  • No, you are being hyperbolic and antidotal with your position. Take the “personal” out of your argument and reread. You are literally complaining it will take you 20-30 minutes more. If that is too much, don’t do it. Then in kind, if you don’t get the rewards, that is your choice. You choose your quality of “life” over a…
  • Everyone keeps saying “death squads”. These are not true death squads... a team of below r3 5*’s would pull an opponent R2-R3 6*’s.... meaning 15k and below PI was pulling a match of 45-55k... this was 3x or greater the PI and was a death squad. This was a byproduct of the algorithm... I did a video on this back in Jan…
  • 1st, yes I do know... I have been a drinker in the arenas for 5 years... I have been one of the people who put in 8+ hours for a 70-90 million score. If anyone knows it is me... I have no pity for your “2 hours”... you don’t want to put in the time, you do not deserve the awards. Plain and simple.
  • The counter argument is that people who would leisurely play just for lower tier prizes wasn’t the intent of the change. You could still put in the point for 11-30% and in reasonable time. Your issue is more a personal one called lack of roster. I am an arena grinder that would put up 70-80 million and spend 8+ hours a day…
  • I might be in the minority, but I do like that a whole team of low PI R4 5* or R1 6*’s generates a fight which is 2x stronger. It allows people to practice fights were strength is no in their favor. It might be that the presence of accounts with 3+ r3 6*’s has altered the algorithm again. However, is the PI ratio of 2:1…
  • Ahhhh... glitch in the game. I logged out and back in and the title appeared! Yay
  • I woke up before all these posts and saw the new side quest. I went in and completed the quest and say the Replay option. I decided to replay just to work on my skills and saw the path looked as if I didn’t complete the path. I did think it was weird. I completed the map the second time and then looked for the listed…
  • I had the same issue And it is still uncompleted
  • Judging by the points, this is a 3 or 4* featured arena.
  • Let me help explain this. Kabam is a company. This company has employees that the pay in order make and develop new aspects, champions, and content. In order to pay these said employees, pay rent, and keep the lights on, they need to raise X amounts of capital (money). Now, while they appreciate F2P players, they cannot…
  • Actually, you may have enough lower prestige members that you can keep your high prestige. They just need to make sure to not increase their Prestige too much by accepting too many high prestige accounts.