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  • I just wanted to add Scorpion or Capt America Sam Wilson, would be great, awaken some of my top champions and rank up resources.
  • PeniParker, Nimrod or Omega Sentinel
  • It depends on the signal strength and coverage of your phone service network.. in some areas where the coverage is limited, the connection suffers a bit but overall I switch from Wi-Fi to data depending on the Wi-Fi connection strength (our cable service provider lowers the speed of internet from time to time).
  • Although it's possible to sig200 a 5* compared to 6* champion, I have personally rank2 6* over 5*.. unless it is one of those rare unicorn champion.. Doom, Hercules, CGR.. you probably have idea who you want as 5* rank5 sig200 and 6* rank3 undupe or duped. Hulkling has many upside.. moreso he is a newer champion with high…
  • Just wondering how you did with your recent 6* pull.. I am fairly happy with my own pulls
  • Cavalier only 6* basic and 5* nexus
  • Thanks to my alliance and our combined effort resulted in a good Alliance War Season 34 100th 6* Sasquatch (new) Carina Care Package is pretty ok Magneto OG (awaken) 'Fortune Favors the Lucky' - Longshot
  • You need to use XP boost and do some story mode act3 act4 act5 and rank higher.. for mastery points too
  • before I would use the weekly compensation for the buggy controls.. now I'm just using resources to recover from damage.. fingers crossed that the buggy controls doesn't cause death.
  • Hotfix for Android just got released 12am EST 18Jun2022, so far game load faster, but oh wait connection icon appear again. I'm more eager awaiting for champion (King Groot and other) to be restored to pre-bug updates.
    en Hotfix is here. Comentario por psp742 18 de junio
  • rng is not always going to give you melons.. sometimes you get lemons, so you need to make lemonade. My last 6* was Superior Ironman (awaken), next 6* is Sorcerer Supreme (more sigs). You will probably get better champions the next or following 6* basic champion crystal.
  • Noticed AI intercept parry or re-parry like a pro top tier summoner without any drawback from control issues (which AI doesn't experience).. unlike us human with reaction time and control that is not as stable.
  • No discussion on bugs affecting champions abilities?
  • Last 6* basic pull.. awaken a champion for arena purposes only (who knows might get good buff better than Ironman OG) Recent 10k 6* pull was better thou.. its up and down luck.
    en Cursed account Comentario por psp742 16 de junio
  • Crossbones sp1 is easier to dex than his sp2.. Btw, what champions did you bring for the fights.. there are many possible champion combinations that could help.. I admit it was a while back but I was able to get it done... I need lots of revives and potions to get thru it as I'm not as consistent.. if I can do it, you can…
  • I did some cavalier side quest for missing 6* shards and open a 10k 6* basic champion crystal More sigs in Sorcerer Supreme is good but I hope I awaken some of my other better champions. 'Fortune Favors the Lucky' - Longshot
  • Bleep.. I was using Mysterio (awaken) vs Domino (undupe) and my block failed four separate times.. supposedly vs tech Domino lucky unlucky doesn't work.. besides she wasn't even lucky then.. its like block does not work.. of course I died twice but after using different champion.. I took her down.. kabam thanks for @#$%…
    en Compensation Comentario por psp742 14 de junio
  • I don't understand why deadpool xforce (as a deadpool does not have some regen ability).. Goldpool has 2x regen, and PlatinumPool has regen depending upon rng.. King Groot bug which also change his champion description to show he works as intended 'malice gives one fury' instead of original 'malice generates three fury'..…
  • I would not be surprised if the new management has given little/limited autonomy to whoever is left running MCOC.. probably the staff are given walking papers and new people (employees from acquisition company are taking over control) even if they don't know squat about the MCOC gaming system. another scenario I can think…
  • Change in management who only values money and doesn't care for the consumer.. offers don't do much because the idea is to make people spend more money, with a buggy game, it force you to spend units or revive or potions.. and/or get more units to purchase resources.. sooner than later even big spending consumer will…
  • Aside from crashing and lag, how come it isn't clearly stated that some champions abilities and description were erroneously changed like king groot and other abilities not working right like Kitty Pryde power gain when she is phasing.. New champion subject to change is understandable but buffed champion should not be…
  • Wow.. your pass my 6* champion now.. im at 99 6* only.. congrats!
  • Tough call.. who do you personally use more and who are your other rank3 or rank4 champions? Do you have more tech or mutant at higher rank? Omega Sentinel has lower health pool so a rank4 could help her out more.. but having Apocalypse at rank4 gives him more health and attack.. its a matter time before you have rank4 of…
  • Peni Parker.. still don't have her as 5* or 6*
  • My first 3 of 4 cav crystal.. forgot which is which thou.. Prismatic or Kaleidoscopic 5* Abomination (new) 5* Super Skrull (awaken) 5* Iceman (now sig200) I'm happy with the result so far since it is much better than the previous cav crystals... hoping for a 6*
  • It has been clarified by kabam Zibit that it is a bug.. I noted it in Champion Spotlight - King Groot.. I even took pictures of the 'correct champion description' and the 'bug description'.. (at least it's not champion is working as intended spiel). Refer here:…
  • Does it mean Ms Marvel Kamala Khan will get a buff too?
  • Yup, if the malice generates '3fury' was changed to '1fury' is a bug. why did KG description change in live server? I took pictures of the description from my 6* KG. Please don't change the description for KG on the spotlight.. I saved the image and others have probably done so as well.. this seems more like a nerf than…
  • Are compensation package going to be restored? seems only fitting, i block early but block sometimes doesn't register (opponent doesn't have unblockable buff) so AI gets free hits in.. I am scared to parry because its 50/50 whether it works or not.. the connection icon also pops up frequently. AW is a gamble on both…
    en Bugs, bugs, bugs Comentario por psp742 8 de junio
  • But you have pretty good 6* champions.. weakest in the group might be Howard Duck and he isn't a slouch.. just stay with it and don't lose hope if luck sours and there is a down turn of quality champions.