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  • Doom is great but he is terrible vs Human Torch and maybe Bishop too.
  • At what signature level is it going to be respectably effective.. Understand that sig200 is best but at what sig is he good 60 80 100 or awaken is good enough?
  • I think you are selling yourself short.. now I'm not as skilled as most if y'all and I know it.
  • I have invested quite a lot of time and money into it... probably more than I should have spent.. I play because I like the teammates and the group I am with.. I dunno why probably nostalgia of playing with some of my favorite Marvel characters.. although MCU reality and Kabam MCoC don't reflect each other.. sort if like…
  • It's all from completing the side quest 'Destroy all mutants' and 'X-men use'.. I guess kabam will add Anthropomorphic shards in the daily class cavalier offers..
  • Maybe Moonknight because his trailer is shown a lot.
  • Claire Voyant awaken ability is almost useless.. sp3 to get limited time for cheat death mechanic.. no increase in her offensive abilities. Whoever you chose.. make sure you like playing with them.
  • Current rank2 skill are: Falcon, Kingpin and Moleman.. although Falcon is pretty good.. I am going to choose Kingpin or Moleman as my 2nd rank3.
  • I thought I could pull a good champion.. maybe in previous years he was ok, now he is almost forgotten.. hope he gets a decent buff to increase his damage.. more sigs in Dormammu.. "I come to bargain for better buff".
  • Mad respect for you to rank these two up.. I suspect Moonknight will get buffed soon enough.. Superior ironman is a bit iffy since Ironman OG should get some love before other version.. I don't have Moonknight yet but I have Superior Ironman and Iron Patriot. either way.. play the game your way and rank who you want to.…
  • The champions on the reel just add suspense and makes the player think that you almost got a champion.. but sadly it is all an illusion.. I don't know if time purchase crystal dictates who you get but it is all a gamble.. whales, dolphins or big spenders just get more chances because they purchase units or unit/shards…
  • This is a visual bug in AW The text is overlay over another text. It clears up after few minutes.
  • Some open hundreds or thousands of crystal before pulling a 5* Doom while others open one crystal pull Doom and next crystal they weaken him.. rng is very painful for a lot and kind to others.. seriously when Doom came out, the whales were throwing money at the game just to pull him.. although Doom may not be the latest…
  • If you want to, just get the 5* version in order to just have him in your roster.. do I use him? Nope, maybe just in arena.
  • My alliance-mate pointed out that if you pick champions in arena without using the synergy tab, it doesn't crash. Basically, since I know who the synergy partners for the champion I'm using; I don't use the champion synergy tab. Wonder if Kabam is able to solve spade of bugs with each new patches that are released. Good…
  • Same issue here.. not sure if I use different champions if it will change.
  • Samsung Galaxy S10+ Android version 11 One UI version 3.1 In arena, the game will show error msg and crash.. the update actually has more bugs than before. Here is picture of crash screen (not sure if the numbers or error msg helps you guys) I pick 6* Kingpin and error msg shows up.. then game crashes.
  • I rank up a champion because he has 100% to miss unblockable special attack except for sp3.. if he could 100% miss sp3.. he would be great. he Is probably not the best rank up but foe me he is a fun champion.
  • I will probably return to this Groot disrespecting post after kabam buff him.. hope his buff makes him an absolute god.. lol
  • Another visual update... sorry, this is to remind myself who are champion I have and if I rank them up.. or who I need to rank up. I was going to rank2 but debating whether I should wait and rank3 a skill champion. I guess I will sleep on it.
  • Kushala, Crystal, and Quicksilver.
  • I guess its ok.. the smaller menu feels sort of squish together somehow.. loading still takes time.. some slight visual effects when going from menu and champion visual are a nice touch.. but most importantly is when will the controls be stable.
  • One is alliance gifting and one is solo gifting.. but if you want to refuse taking the gift.. it will expire.. btw, who did you pull and who did you rank up?
  • Thanks to the gifting event, I got to 11-25% Since I had enough 6* shards, it was enough to get 10k and then some 95th Guillotine OG I'm ok with a new champion.. Guillotine buff isn't the best but she is one of my favorite champions that I used to play a lot (heavy chain opponents in the corner.) 'Fortune Favors the Lucky'…
  • 6* Ghost (first time), Black Widow Claire Voyant (first time), and Capt Beardo (dupe)
  • I hate fighting Korg, in certain nodes he is so annoying with prowess his attack is so heavily boosted.. but when he is used by summoners his attack is er lacking.
  • Although NF might be better between the two.. he needs the dupe.. even if it's via awaken gem sig1.. Warlock is another great tech champion that is good undupe but better when awaken, because he is a robot, he is poison and bleed immune, frostbite immune is ok too I guess.. Rank up who you want.. so you have no regrets…
  • For a first 6* champion, Magneto (House of X) is a great champion.. he greatly boost #hero #metal champion.. his pre-fight ability is very helpful to your champion as well as your alliance in AW.. when you stack more prowess, his attack is greatly boosted if/when rng crits.. his damage is pretty substantial.. if you are…
  • It's preemptive approach (see what I did there) I noticed that a lot of post get 'Disagree' by strangers because they either are trolling or envious of the player who got a good pull. even if there is nothing to 'Disagree' with. I believe the same people do it just because they can 'Disagree'.
  • fingers crossed 🤞 that Ironman OG gets an overhaul buff.. my 5* Ironman OG is sig180 (never put sigs in him), thankfully I have not pull him as a 6*.. but I do have 6* Iron Patriot and Inferior Ironman.