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  • I totally agree with you. But I have to ask. Is there a particular reason you are still only cavalier when you have been playing for over 6 years? Just curious if you have a reason, or you just don`t want to do the GM.
    dans When Kabam, when? Commentaire de Giuliameij 28 mars
  • On average a normal arena crystal gives 3 units per crystal. ON AVERAGE. So in your next 30 crystals you will probably get 180 something units. (I know that is not exactly how it works, it is just a simple example)
  • As long as they keep piling new things on top of a broken base game it will not improve. Things like relics and new nodes make it so much harder to tackle the basic problems of the game. Since they need to look in a lot more places.
  • You pray to RNGsus. But honostly 6 none god tier pulls is not that terrible. Just look at the list of champs you really really want. And put that next to the list with champs you mentioned. That list is far far larger thus you are way more likely to get champs from that side.
  • It will basically come down to completion of the content. 8.2 I will do for completion. But exploration will take very very very long. If anything like the current EOP with the challenges come out. I will just do my 2 runs to 100% and leave the challenges probably forever. Same thing with abyss type content. An initial…
  • How nice of you to remember. I really like the swap of posts back then aswell. Good on you for doing EOP. I actually liked your post earlier today.
  • AA will be great for a cav push. However. I think you do not have the roster depth to get to thronebreaker just yet. There are a lot of very specific paths in act 6 which honostly will require far more effort and time now compared to when you are ready for it. Even if free revives get nerfed. You should atleast have a…
  • With 18 points probably the healing masteries and points in block to get to 15 and then 3 in willpower
  • Torch. Or any other healblock/reverse champ that can work their magic against her
  • It is not a bug that is being patches thou. They created act 1-3 with the intent for it to Spawn high rates of revives and refills. Somewhere in the code they had to manually put the odds in. Everyone at Kabam with half a brain cell could have figured out people where going to use an easy to do quest to get very valuable…
  • Well, they sort of decided on what is an appropriate amount of revives to have at a single time. By creating a quest where you can get the items in combination with other (non unit) ways. When piece a content comes out cap it at the amount you can get for free right now. Over time, increase the cap so more peopel can do it…
  • I totally agree with you. Offers are a much better priority for your units. There is no denying that. I simply offered an alternative means to get revives. I never said it was an option that is either better or just as good as what we have right now.
  • The same way we did when Abyss was released. We used units. Farming act 1-3 has not been around for THAT long. And when abyss was released it was not a thing like it is now. Don`t get me wrong. I prefer the direct revive farming much much much more. But before it was a thing we did arena to farm units and buy the revives.
  • Just realised I made the error of calculating with 14 days instead of 10 for revive quests. So it would be 49 revives. Or roughly 50. Which I still think would be reasonable for content completion on release and slowing down exploration.
  • I think (hope) they will bump up the revives slightly. Give the easy difficulty a garanteed revive also. This way you get your 2 revives a day at a lower energy cost than previously. For the tradeoff that you can only get 2 a day.
  • For a truthseeker you are very offensive to people who are telling you something that is almost certainly the truth. Since you can still get a huge amount of refives for free. Farming on the current scale was not possible when Abyss came out. Still it came out. After this update you just have to use units to buy them after…
  • We know farming the way we did is going to end. But I honostly think that by just adding 1 garanteed revive in the new quest can help a lot of players. So both the easy and hard quest get a garanteed revive. With that you can have 3 garanteed revives a day. 2 from the quest and 1 from the 22h mission. If you start with a…
  • Nah, continues issues with the game. Adding more and more onto a broken base. Not being able to truly destroy cheating. Probably some other stuff. Will eventually destroy this game. Magik and Quake won`t. Since there are champs and nodes that counter them.
  • I like this. Can`t really be used to exploit revive farming. Only a littlebit of iso maybe. But hardly enough to make it worthwhile.
  • Talking truly mediocre. I did my run with about 100. Did run suicides so a couple of revives were to do dying from specials. My 6/3 Sw was only sig 70 thou. So I think 70/80 revives should work just fine for you.
  • People still ask for help to put in their own 3 champs when doing arena? I thought the autofill option made that completely unneeded.
  • I never used Valkyrie. I do however like the other options you have given. After the Carina challenges my love for Chavez has really grown. However. I do really hope you did not name these specific characters because they have only 1 very specific thing in common. Because that would imply you think I dislike him for one…
  • Well I dislike/hate fighting him when he is a defender. And dont like using him as an attacker. Both are also objective. And when it comes to community. Both during his release and during the latest Valentines day event there were some pretty hatefull reactions towards him (and wiccan). And I dont like how those situations…
  • Hulkling I really have nothing I like about the champ. On top of that, there are a number of things I dislike about him. Pretty much any other champs has something I like about them together with my dislikes. But I really cannot think of anything I even remotely like about him. Attacker, defender, design or the affect he…
  • 5.3.6 for refills. U usually can get into a plus on that quest and pick up some revives along the way. With the extra refill you go to 2.2.6 which has much more revives.
  • 2 hours per threat level? Assuming you are thronebreaker/paragon and do all levels. level 1 can be done in 15 minutes max with most fights being only 1 or 2 combo's long. The higher the threat the longer the time. But here might be a shocker. You do not have to do every threat level. Because it is a store based event you…
  • If those are my two choices I have to say I like it. I like the side quest to have a store so I can select my own rewards. I also like it when it does not cost energy. Objectives I can so for extra rewards are always a plus. But the one thing that is keeping it down from being a top option for me is the amount of time you…
  • I think this has more to do with your phone than the game. The Iphone X only has 3gb of ram. On other Iphone models when the ram gets overloaded the phone shuts the game down to clear all memory. The heating up, slowing down and lag of certain items/icons ingame seems like a memory problem where the phone is removing…