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  • Well there’s a lot of people commenting and this might get lost in all the fuss but come on guys. There’s gotta be a few people at least that know what’s really going on here. Kabam definitely wants to bring in strict champion requirements but this isn’t their endgame. They’re waiting for us to hit peak rage, possibly…
  • Not sure that's it boss. With Blade I evaded the last few bullets on his L2 before he finished his animation, nothing. Had a similar thing happen with Capt. Marvel and Thanos. Didn't activate until after 3 tries
  • Private Messages are really bad right now. Sucks cause I'm trying to find people to run dungeons with but no way in communicating with the interested players
  • Anyone else experiencing a bug with the in game messaging? I keep on opening the same inbox regardless on who I click on
  • They'll most likely never be added. SW, Thor or Wolverine. If they were made available as 5*, their ability % would increase as well. It would be enough to make put SW and Thor at the top of their class again and [I don't think] the Kabam heads want to repeat 12.0
  • Got it. Honestly been a good while since seen Slashed Tires that I forgot the node. Same thing happened when I saw Throns. For some reason I thought it was bleed damage too. Anyway, thanks for clearing that up
  • I 100% agree. In all honesty, nerfing does little to nothing. There was a huge flaw in Kabam reason when they nerfed the Top Tier champs in 12.0. The reason they gave was that they didn't want players to have only a select few champs that they use and so they nerfed them. The problem is that there's ALWAYS a runner up.…
  • The rewards are fine. This challenge was no where near the previous challeges. You're probably not at the level where you should be doing these if you feel the challenge was too hard
  • Just wanted to share my thoughts on the newest post on Alliance Wars (as of 10/17/2017). For the sake of context, the post is basically saying The Kabam Team will be implementing Act 5 nodes into Alliance Wars. So I am not against having Act 5 nodes in Alliance Wars at all. It is something I actually recommended happen…
  • This is why we can't have good things. Medusa is perfectly fine as is. I really have a hard time understanding why so many people want to nerf the good champs. Would you rather have Medusa be on She-Hulk level? I can respect your opinion but we really need to stop asking for nerfs...
    dans NERF MEDUSA Commentaire de MastaChief117 octobre 2017
  • I wrote a similar thing on a different post but the post was taken down. It applies for here too though so here goes: The community has been rightfully frustrated but the community is partially at fault as well. The community, including myself, tends to open forum posts directed at mods and the entity of "Kabam" and yet we…
  • Yup @Aston316 said it all. At the end of the day. A strong defense should reward you more than having a "unique" defense. It takes skill and real knowledge to set up a great defense. There's no thought being put into brining in 5 champs who aren't defenders so you can get Defender Diversity points.
  • No need really. PHC, 3* Crystals and now even 4* Crystals are iso-8 crystals lol. Iso-8 from dupes add up very fast.
  • Sad that this is what has become of this game. I really miss the good old days of this game *sigh*
  • As fun as they were for myself, I know many people didn't like them. I doubt they would come back. Not everyone is a grinder and Alliance Arenas require a ton of grinding amongst an alliance. Arenas are fine as they are. They reward an individual for their OWN grinding. In Alliance Arenas, you depend on others to do their…
  • Nope. Last thing we need in the game is more nerfs. Magik can be easily countered by many, many champions. Dr. Voodoo, Elekra, Black Widow, Falcon, Gwenpool, Archangel, Quake, etc. Many of which don't need to be duped to be able to counter Limbo. There is no need to nerf Magik, or any champion for that matter. As someone…
  • Yup. Would like to see if anyone is able to actually do this lol.
  • Problem is, this game isn't the real world. It's a game. You can't compare this game to a job. You do a job cause you have to keep a roof over your head. This game is optional and the people "whinging" are the people who still have some hope that this game can go back to how it used to be. Whether we should or shouldn't…
  • The MCOC Community has gone through a lot, honestly a Player Appreciation is overdue. Won't do much good at this point though, tons of players are leaving. Many of my long-time friends are quitting due to the poor decisions of Kabam. Kabam needs to focus on their players again and fix the game. I'm barely holding on myself…
  • Yup, just as I was about to try out Medusa!!!!!
  • I'm not sure if it's related but my champs have been auto-blocking a lot. It really messes up the rhythm. I'll watch out for this, definitely a big issue if it does turn out to be a bug
  • I'd love to see Spider-Man 2099. When Punisher 2099, I expected to see more characters from that timeline. Anti-Venom would be insanely cool too
  • Honestly, if you used 50 revives and only got past Winter Soldier then you may not be ready to go for a full run. Give yourself time to grow in the game first. Grow your roster, while improving your skills. You should be able to do a Realm of Legends clear without using any items or very few items. Be patient man, Realm of…
  • Honestly most Sp3s aren't even worth using, don't think the animations should be removed though. They're a nice touch, even if they are pretty useless
  • Yeah, and that's why I think this bug has been largely ignored. It has only happened to me in arenas since I don't use Hulkbuster in Quests or any other game content. Would like to see it fixed though
  • I experienced this multiple times as well
  • I completely forgot about the new AW boosts. They didn't even show up in my store
  • Yup, agreed. This should have been addressed during Harvey but I do agree those being affected by Irma right now should not have to lose the rewards