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  • Add a decent bleed when she has a fury buff.... that opens the door to so many possibilities with her and the Thor universe characters like heimdal hela and so on
  • Sym supreme and Morningstar are best options. Both are viable. Claire takes a lot longer bc be damage output isn’t the greatest but can deal with most everything she’s needed for
    dans Abyss Question Commentaire de MetalJake 7 févr.
  • It lowers their ability accuracy by 100%. If u fight a champ that’s immune to AAReduction or has increased AA it’ll cut into that 100%
    dans Falcon Commentaire de MetalJake 3 févr.
  • It’s not ideal with him being unawakened but it’s worth it just for the daily crystal/ login calendar update
  • Already getting moleman and kingpin in feb
  • Go apoc. Since I rank 5 mine I use him soooo much. He’s so fun and EFFECTIVE!! I have both at 5/65 and I use apoc for so much content. The synergies are nice but him as a character is awesome
  • I ranked 2 my unawakened falcon and am considering rank 5 ing my awakened one bc the additional 2 secs of up time on locked on is worth it plus the additional crit chance. I’d do bwdo for Tb this hen wait
    dans 6 star R3 Commentaire de MetalJake 31 janv.
  • If that’s what’s stopping you from getting Thronebreaker then do it.. if your close to forming a diff class that u have a better option then wait... don’t wait to long though bc the daily TB crystals are SOOOOOO juicy. You’ll literally get back everything you used for the rank 3 except the t5cc from those crystals within a…
  • On both my accs I pushed cav then went back and explored act 5... your update to your 4 hour crystals and daily crystals will give you the inventory you need for act 5 exploration bc it’s a real high energy cost more than anything... 6.1 isn’t really that hard just to do initial completion. 6 quests and DONE!!! Take it one…
  • Max willpower 1 to 2 in despair 3/5 in deep wounds and 2/5 in despair
    dans Mastery priority Commentaire de MetalJake 30 janv.
  • I think since they have YJs littered EVERYWHERE in the contest, he gunna be a good rework. Like mag and colossus was.
  • I took my unawakened 6 star to rank 2 and kinda regret it. The awakened ability gives him an additional 2 seconds of his lock on active and you do notice them 2 seconds. He’s still useable but not as good imo. Plus he gets bigger crit chance awakened.
  • I voted torch bc he’s so diverse and NOTHING is immune to nova flames but honestly HYPERION is best overall champ imo
    dans Best champ Commentaire de MetalJake 28 janv.
  • I understand the frustration though. Unless you knew already (wasn’t stated anywhere in game) u know. The game u go to play the game. That 2/3 of the quests gave less rewards (tokens) even if u do the highest difficulty in all of them. I feel bad for people that didn’t do EXTENSIVE research on this months side quest. Hope…
  • I’d go ghost unless your in a top 20?Alliance and your in the prestige race/game. You say your getting better with her and the Sig levels really do help you drop specials (win fight) faster... go do ROL WS with your ghost now, drop 40-50 sigs on her and see the diff, then decide on the final 50-60 stones... I wouldn’t…
  • Dr strange deserves to be a powerful character in this game. He my favorite Marvel hero and Batman my fav DC hero. I expect my super hero games to have them 2 as top champions. Dr strange shouldn’t be as pitiful as he is in MCOC
    dans Community Buff Poll Commentaire de MetalJake 28 janv.
  • I love playing apoc.. I bring in the cable/sinister synergy and don’t end up activating the horseman thing and just play apoc with 4 charges.... he’s so satisfying using him with 4 apoc charges. Absolute MONSTER
  • I’d say wasp bc you being her on your team anyway, may as well have her useable BUT!!!!! I’d wait on the details from the Yellowjacket buff before I pull the trigger just so u don’t put yourself in a place of regret... YJs are EVERWHERE in questing content like magneto is and I feel kabam gunna make him really good like…
  • Sentinel has the proper amm of hype imo... he’s fantastic when he works the only issue is he’s kinda big n clunky to play.. I love mine but once I explored all the variants I literally never touch him anymore... he has a fan following that I feel is just right for what he does. Not over rated or underrated. Perfectly in…
  • Not even close.. I have both at 5/65 Sig 200.... I use sunspot in neiche scenarios to where, when he’s good he’s GREAT but colossus.. I literally use him EVERYDAY. he’s bleed immune, incenerate immune, colds nap and frostbite immune. He’s my personal Swiss Army knife. I promise you won’t regret ranking your collosus... his…
  • Ihulk dies a little when he hits opponents, corvus does not.. corvus can live forever even with the strongest debuffs (excluding v6) Ihulk can not. But hey. Neither die from recoil.
  • No I missed the 2nd photo
  • Btw. I don’t think sigil affects the t5cc limit
  • Age yet filling understanding your post and realizing it’s not just a “rate my roster post” that does stink. Rng not in your side at all. Sorry to see your luck
  • Maybe. Most of the initial live-streams of the abyss exploration was done with 5/65s.... this is him probably filtering skill on his 6 stars but that doesn’t mean u need a 6 star roster to explore the abyss...
  • U have 2 6 stars. Really not worst ever until u have 10 GARBAGE champs... I started with red skull xforce, red skull.... then got void corvus omega CGR and other amazing champs. I know it’s deflating but U obviously not ready to be focusing on 6 stars yet... keep upgrading ya 5s and when u have a actual collection of 6…
  • This whole side quest structure and info related to it is a MESS. I can see why people are confused. I surely was. You shouldn’t have to go digging in a post on a website outside of the game for current information related to the game. The process is flawed and morons like u defend it so they say, we have some clapping…
  • Have you 100% the variants? I got overwhelmed in 6.3 and 6.4 and started choosing rank ups with variants in mind to have teams of 5/65s to explore each one. Theres some fun interaction all around thru V2-V6
  • It really depends on ya mystic roster.. would she have a fit in your top teams or do u already have better options and she’ll just sit on ya bench except to hav fun with later.
    dans Best thing to do? Commentaire de MetalJake 15 janv.