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  • thanks for the insight, i’ve seen dominos potential in battlegrounds and have not yet played around with ibomb or kitty in that mode. longshot is good as well (and with these new nodes may be even better) but i still have to see about him, i’m yet to really play him over diablo or my other mystics. hell i’d choose maw in…
  • personally i use diablo the absolute most, longshot is only really used in situations where i know for sure they will trigger buffs, whereas for diablo it’s just a nice extra if they do. otherwise i’ll be looking into kitty or ibomb, only problem is kitty has to come all the way up from R1😬😬😬
  • i am refusing to rank him up by matter of principle (i’ve pulled him maybe 4 times he’s sig 60 now 😡)
  • i may well, i was also looking at storm and wolverine, however they are before my time so to speak, i never got to play the game whilst those guys were meta (pre v12.0 right?)
  • 1. i did intend on that but i just had so many champions i wanted to discuss 2. i haven’t played any 5/65 sparky at all, but i never see him used any more. also you mention “Herc Champ damage” but then again, that’s what high damage is these days, so far beyond what we used to get out of a sparky
  • Xbones used for AAR and slays any hero in 3 seconds flat (if he was duped he could also purify debuffs but alas 6* AGs are impossible to come by) Dr doom for nullify, shock immunity, stagger, and power control, can complete 90% of fights on his own with the doom lock Warlock, heal block, power drain, offensive AAR, triple…
  • how frequently do you do a rank up that large? often players who aren’t at the very top have gold problems as were consistently ranking up champions. our gold income isn’t much different from yours, it’s just we’re constantly using the gold as we get it rather than your situation where you wait for a while then do a large…
  • i mean imagine programming this, there are over 200 champions, who can all fight against over 200 champions all with their own abilities and that’s without nodes, must take so long to code a new arena
  • i didn’t see that thanks for letting me know. unfortunately it is both the most fun and most lacking game mode in the game right now
  • for many players it’s not about whether he’s good or not, he’s still a perfectly useable champion, but for many including myself his purpose in peoples rosters was a high damage evade counter. i have many “good” champions, but whether i want a champion ranked up or not is not just depending on how good they are, but also…
    dans Mole man still good Commentaire de TP33 juillet 2022
  • interesting, however i’m unsure if it has made its way into the actual game, may well be a typo or system error.
  • still 100% in my game. where did you find this?
  • back bolt awakened or kamala kahn could do it, hulk is an option you just have to play well and maybe use some units, another viable option is Ghost, even though sinsister regenerates critical damage your crit damage is doubled by the global, you have furies built from heavies and debuffs, 1 L2 it’s game over for him.
    dans Still can't do 6.2.2 Commentaire de TP33 juillet 2022
  • any champion that can gain furies can work with some revives/health potions. there are a lot of poison resistance synergies out there, one i can think of is Prof X synergies and any mutant who can gain a fury. unfortunately it is just a case of waiting, but luckily with all the other changes to act 6 the rest is more or…
    dans Still can't do 6.2.2 Commentaire de TP33 juillet 2022
  • Just out of curiosity do you find that using higher frame rates effects what you can and can’t do gameplay wise? For example you used to be able to dash back after a certain action or you can now block after something you couldn’t before?
  • I watched the videos, but the main problem with the boss I have is The Champion acted like any other champion in the game, his interactions with unblockable, unstoppable etc were all the same, yet with this new kang he slows down time and speeds it up. Watching videos doesn’t dex specials for you, and it seems like every…
  • wolverine/cyclops romance synergy is what this game needs most
  • it’s turned off on my phone and i’m lazy pretty much also marvel would have a say iv it for sure but there have been other marvel games with esports scenes (marvel vs capcom live i think) and let’s be real marvel aren’t the sort of company to say no to potentially loads of free marketing (and probably a portion of the…
  • i’ll see if i can work it out in the morning but you’d expect so from the overwhelming majority of people i’ve seen complain about always running out of mutant catalysts lately. almost nobody has the same issues with tech or science and personally i have nearly twice as many mutant R5 or R2s then any other class, and hell…
  • this is hard but i might have to go Hiemdall (tried using him a few times and he was underwhelming, this is coming from someone who enjoys super skrull) Green goblin (just screw this guy, i manage to justify my hate for this shambles of a champion by convincing myself it was the version from TASM and not willem dafoe) iron…
  • @Wicket329 im not saying that these are definitive truths i’m just saying that, a lot of champs added recently have followed a great overall + niche but viable side champ formula (never said that was bad btw don’t know where you got that from), the mutant class has recently undergone far more profound changes then any…
  • cable solos abyss fights and psylock is an amazing champion too many are sleeping on
  • in game name is TP33, got a GGC to trade let me know or drop me an add in game
  • i don’t get it the guy hits like a freight train and has a laundry list of utility what do you need for him to be “good”
  • yeah it’s an odd one but i think it is intentional, it grants you 100% of power left i think is the way it’s worded so defo go and watch yt vids of people doing fights with him, they all get to exactly 39 (or 29 with synergies) hits and then throw L3, power meter counts as depleted and then from there you’re golden
  • well at least he got through it definitely better options out there for speed but in terms of ease, ebony maw is literally undefeated
  • honestly it was a bit of a long fight but so what if you literally can’t take damage the fight can go on all day doesn’t matter
  • don’t get me wrong i love my esla, just don’t see her used nearly as much as doom etc