We have adjusted the node placement of the new AW maps to better allow path traversal. As a result, defender placements have been reset. Please, take a moment to re-place your defender setup. We will be pushing out a message in-game shortly.


  • I used an awakening on Gwenpool, no regrets. I wouldn't worrying about investing too many sig stones into her though, I don't think the plot armour benefits too much at a high sig level (mine is L93 and is 65.37%). Try her at L1 first Her bleed is great, power control, armour break.
    dans AG on 4*GP Commentaire de TheGumba avril 2019
  • With Blade unduped I'd lean toward Corvus to R4 so that you can use your usual roster without putting in GR or Sparky for synergy; and agree, when you complete and get more t2a rank up the other.
  • 5.2.4/5/6 are tough but doable without spending units. I was stuck on 5.2.4 for over 6 months but finally just went for it & completed 5.2 using only a few revives. Try using the 20-30% attack, health & attack/health boosts too, that'll make your high dmg champs even stronger. PS. The Collector really sucks.
    dans Act 5.2.4 Commentaire de TheGumba juillet 2018
  • Yep, @Kabam Vydious disabling Background Refresh didn't help. MCoC app still restarts sometimes when you switch between apps.
    dans Game Restarting Commentaire de TheGumba avril 2018
  • This can't have anything to do with just iOS 11 because I still play MCoC on my iPhone 5 running iOS 10 and I have this problem. I also play on my iPad mini 4 running iOS 11. Same issue regardless of iOS version.
    dans Game Restarting Commentaire de TheGumba avril 2018
  • I have my 5* Ironman at R3, I'm tempted to R4 him just because I like the character, but there are far better tech champs to invest ISO and catalysts in. He can be useful in AQ, but rarely gets a kill in AW D and not very useful in Act 5 (doesn't hit hard enough). Maybe he'll get a deserving makeover like Rulk or Cage did.…
  • I played every quest on expert and ended up with 3 wakanda crystals over the span; and opened 2 4* hulks and a 4* BP CW. Guess I was extremely lucky. Most of my alliance mates didn't get the crystals though.
  • I'd go 4* iceman, triple immune comes in handy. You'll get more mutant t4cc for that 5* Angel in the future.
  • Yep, I've noticed this too with my 3* OG Vision
  • Nope, not new at all. It increases the difficulty which is needed, but it can sure make fights frustrating. I don’t understand how dexterity works, you dodge back, get the dex crit buff but still get hit. The mastery says evade all attacks while dodging back.
  • You can always try saving units for another OG Vision offer. But he isn't necessarily better than AOU Vision. I'd R5 either duped 4* Vision over unduped 5* SL. Double immune, power control, not available in a 5* are all good arguments. Love the champs you have over the champs you hope to get. Vision (duped or not) is way…
  • @Rømyjart Back in Sept they had a 4* awakening gem offer for 1000 units, it gave 4* shards and stones too. So save your units for next time it comes around. Getting 100% completion in the monthly quests gives a decent amount of units, so does the basic arena milestones. Try not to spend units on prem or featured crystals…
  • I was fighting Iron Fist last time it happened, can't remember before that.
  • Both are great, CM hits hard and Drax is a bleed machine. Drax also seems to be able to hit champs like Spidey & NC when they evade. I'd go Drax, especially if you are 5/5 deep wounds.
  • Ghost Rider is great for AQ and AW especially if you get his judgements and regen going, lots of good how-to videos on YouTube for that. I'd go Magik for R3 though, even if unduped; duped just gives the random limbo at 1,2,3 bars of power. You still get her L2 power drain/lock which is huge of event quests and special…
    dans rank up Commentaire de TheGumba novembre 2017
  • OG BP is incredible against enemies that bleed. His L2 & L3 do serious dmg with a few bleeds stacked. He doesn't have any buffs so doesn't trigger MD.
  • YJ is a solid champ with his power sting. If he was a 5* I would R3 him even if unduped, but would hold off for now for 4* Hulk or WWII, or a solid 5* sci.
    dans R 5 4* Commentaire de TheGumba novembre 2017
  • I keep hoping to dupe him from crystals but last 10 or so have all been meh (Groot, Duck, She Hulk, etc). I have a lot of great 4* duped & high sig level; Angel, Wolvie, SL, SW. Thanks for the input - I'll hold that gem.
  • Mags was one of my favourite champs pre v12.0; it would be nice if they just reverted his unecesary 12.0 nerf. The above suggestion from Spidey would be even better. His sig ability and his magnetism just don't seem to work as advertised.
  • Thanks both, just going to R3 Quake for now.
  • Hotmess v15.1.2 ... I'm still have the issue with specials not triggering but power being used. Get ready for v15.1.3. Too bad we can't revert to v6 or v7 which were stable and glitch free.