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  • First time it happen I quit in 2mins of waiting.. took a loss (thanks Kabam [note the sarcasm]) This is second time battleground hangs after the 1st match.. its been more than 6mins.. how long do I wait till it progress.. or do I take a loss in a winnable fight. (another loss to forced forfeit thanks kabam) correction:…
  • Yeah battleground bugs.. has been on this screen for 2mins I just quit the match.. thanks for the loss kabam.. just like there is no bugs.. everything is A ok.. im being sarcastic.. I believe after change in management.. profit is more important than taking care of the customers.
  • Correction.. inferior trashcan is a cosmic champion
  • I did a bunch of matches on battleground, even if the beta battleground is buggy and the game would randomly pick a champion as defender (not allowing me to pick em, there was a time fight load screen was stuck and loaded with only 23sec left).. wish kabam is able to fix the numerous issues as well as more stable…
  • I was wondering if the normal rules apply or are excluded from battleground.. Do champion with armor up champions take damage from plasma build up detonation.. if not I feel I got screwed over in battleground.. my Warlock with armor up got damage from detonation..
  • The other Thor movies had serious theme unlike Thor Ragnarok.. is 'Love and Thunder' going to carry a light hearted comedy style or serious.
  • Did you use the 40% or 50% XP boost.. it helps in increasing your level.
  • Is it a node that stagger or fate seal your champion? Who was your opponent?
    dans Mordo buff not working? Commentaire de psp742 24 mai
  • I really hate trolls that randomly click on 'dislike' for no reason.. not sure if the topic discussed concerns them or not.. I really hope Kabam rolls out a permanent fix for the game control issues and other various backdoor issues allowing unscrupulous individuals from taking advantage over other honest summoners.
  • Battleground just randomly pick one of my champions as defender.. I didn't get chance to pick.. BS really beta as excuse.
  • I just had a match and the bg loading bug did me dirty.. it was stuck on 0 sec loading for a long time and only started my match with 23 sec remaining (this is absolutely bs).. my opponent got full time to take down my defender while I got 23secs time to do my entire match. It's not my opponents fault.. but beta has got to…
  • Congratulations.. I have HB as 5*, missed out on him bunch of times.. I have 6* Mysterio, Kingpin and Doom as my rank3 but stopped when I got Cavalier.. it sounds better than thronebreaker.. lol I need to go for it I guess.
  • Congratulations on getting to Thronebreaker. I'm assuming your 6* roster is not as good as your 5* roster.. I guess I need to light a fire on my behind and get going towards Thronebreaker myself.. just curious who is your rank3 6*.
  • The match making for battleground is plain terrible.. at first I get players who are either slightly higher or lower than my level.. now four or five games straight. am getting matched with paragon players with more rank3 6* and even if I ban their rank4 champions.. their rank3 easily beat my rank1 or rank2 6*.. definitely…
  • It's ok if the AI can parry or intercept from time to time but when it consistently parry, re-parry, and intercept you.. then combo you to oblivion.. then that is no fun at all.. not to mention most often the AI is buffed by few 100% and has power gain and doesn't cooperate in firing sp1 or sp2, instead it waits to use…
    dans Parry by the defense Commentaire de psp742 16 mai
  • I just hope I finally pull Peni Parker as 5* or 6*
  • Depends where you are in the game progression, the number of 6*s and number or ranked 6*s, the better the champion, rank and signature level.. although I have a respectable quantity of 6*, I still lack some of the high damage dealers, the utility and sustainability which some story require.. plus the skill to beat some of…
  • Congratulations on Doom awaken.. 👍
  • Shang-chi is a great option.. people sleep on Magneto HoX (white).. he is heavily dependent on rng crit.. best thing is his pre-fight for #hero #metal champions.. his damage is below that of Magneto OG (red) but he isn't terrible. If your Prof-X is awaken.. he slowly gain charge.. higher sig more prowess damage.. watch…
    dans First Rank 3 6* Commentaire de psp742 11 mai
  • Who are your other rank2 6* or 5* rank5 sig200 champions? Do you prefer synergy team in story, side quest, AQ or AW? I usually rank the best candidate that benefits from synergy and go from there. example: 6* Kingpin rank3 with Hood rank2 The three champions you mentioned a all good in their own right but pick who you like…
    dans First Rank 3 6* Commentaire de psp742 11 mai
  • Happy Birthday..
  • I think you mean 'alliance'... 'clan' is usually clash of clan (different game).. there is a section in forum designated for alliance recruitment. Good luck.
    dans Looking for new clan Commentaire de psp742 9 mai
  • block parry and sometimes special doesn't work.. its hit or miss, not good for AQ or AW.. at least there is compensation package AQ revive and heal potion.. but not great for AW, one combo could cost death.. I hope Kabam can make a more stable dependable control system.
  • Magik.. I was new to MCOC didn't know how good she is (thought her damage was lack luster)
  • I wish Kabam will have 6* sig stones in exchange for gold.. I lack resources so getting 6* sig stones would be ok even if they are class sigs.
    dans 6* sig stones Commentaire de psp742 8 mai
  • Miles Morales with Mysterio and Doom or Spider-ham are fun attackers in AW.. although I have Ghost.. I sort of like Mysterio more.. might even rank3 him over Ghost.
  • I took a gamble with Kabam offer of $9.99+tax for summoner progress. 5* tech (wish he was 6*) Nimrod (new) 6* tech.. (pretty good champion too) Guardian (new.. I believe he needs to be sig200, which I have as 5* rank5) Two awesome tech champions.. :smiley: 'Fortune Favors the Lucky' - Longshot
  • Controls are not 100% working.. there are instances where it works fine and some where there is dropped inputs.. blocks not registering and you get combo by opponents champion.. parry are hit or miss.. so it's a gamble to parry.
    dans Update Control Issues Commentaire de psp742 6 mai
  • Well I was finally able to form another 10k 6* basic. 98th Carnage (new champion) Not really the best champion, but new champion is good.. can't seem to pull Peni or Nimrod.
  • Doesn't he make Agent Venom better..
    dans Get over here! R3 #40 Commentaire de psp742 5 mai