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  • Kabam if you are following this thread consider trying this: New Sig Ability: Every time a soul is lost/spent she regenerates X health. (balanced to make it at least as strong as the old regen) Every soul, instead of increasing attack, gives bleeds inflicted a flat +5% chance to be critical bleeds. To balance damage, bring…
  • Ultron : Higher Damage than Starky with the HB synergy, Double immune, great regen, Armour Up Buff with practically 100% uptime, Clutch evade. Only poor against bleed immune non mutants. 5/50 4* has carried me through really hard content.
  • Eventually I will. I'm at a stage where it takes time to build the resources to do such a rank up so I was wondering which one I should prioritise.
  • Just wondering, couldn't they bring the old SP3 back and keep souls the way they are now if they make the SP3 a once per fight trigger like Diablo's SP3? I really don't like the higher bleed % per buff mechanic and would rather they do away with it and just increase the base bleed chance.
  • Entire bottom row is unawakened.
  • I agree, now that I think about it, reducing it to around 10-12% regen seems fair. He has great utility like nullifying all buffs and arguably the best power control in the game already. A little tune up to his damage and increased sustainability will make him a solid option for a lot of content…
  • Also the signature ability ca be be reduced to 33% to make it more balanced l.
  • Out of invisibility she has very little damage.
  • The force field mode dos not deal much damage because her critical rating is 0%.
  • I don't mind 😀. I just want to share my ideas with the community!
  • Strengths on offense: Perfect Block Parries with Cap Synergy. Crazy survivability with armour ups reducing critical rating. Mess- up failsafe: Signature Ability Power Gain and General auto-block. Long Heal Block. Armour break: good against champions like killmonger, and himself. Evade Kill Good Power control when _used…
  • Did you guys see her content creator videos ? Her SP3 (4 furies, 4 prowess) takes ROL wolvie from 100% to....... K . O . ! That's a 4*'s damage. Proxima Midnight God Tier confirmed.
  • Like AxeCopFire said, 6* and 5* champions' signature abilities scale differently. At lvl 20 for a 6*, you can expect the value to be similar to a lvl 10 4*.
  • I agree, both Hulkbuster and abomination need to be buffed. I really appreciate your effort and interest in buffing them. Kindly take my suggestions into consideration. ________________ Abomination. Instead of making the signature ability apply to all his attacks, I think it would be better if we stick to just your 'poison…
  • 6* Sabretooth regenerates 80% of the damage received with recovery ( at max signature lvl ). If he recovers 30% more with adrenaline, he would be regenerating 110% of the damage received. Which means you can potentially regenerate on demand by getting hit and counter attacking.
  • I remember the 6*s regeneration rate being above 60%(at max signature level) , if that is so, then he would cross 100% with recovery.
  • So, in the hypothetical scenario where you manage to convert 15 SP3 furies, you will have a +7000 increase to your attack, which, for a 4*, is +700% attack rating, Pretty impressive, With suicides, who knows ? The signature Ability with the recovery mastery will allow him to regenerate 69% if the damage taken. If he is…
  • How will you recover the massive amount of health you lose ? Otherwise, valiant effort there.
  • They would be ripping off injustice
  • Rulk -More Reliable, better damage. - Very Durable, thus saves revives. - Better suited to mystic and longer fights. Hulk - Less Durable, less damage except when at low health(when awakened) - Very good for using revives on ( when awakened) - Amazing stun lock. Duped Rulk > Unduped Hulk
  • I have used flat percentages because I don't know what the equivalent flat numerical values are, I understand that with diminishing returns, tweaks will have to be made.
  • SP1 100% to bleed dealing 100% attack rating over 7.5 seconds. SP2: Armour break (Half of Gwenpool's potency) for 14 seconds. Heal block for 14 seconds. SP3: Does both the bleed and the armour break. Signature Ability Prevents him from losing more than 20% of his current health from a single source. Stops working under 25%…
  • +50% damage and -70% ability accuracy would be fair considering how weak he is now (compared to the new mutants and blade)
  • Carnage Increase limit to 6 buffs (7 with venom) Reduce mutation time to 7 seconds. While mutating, passively generate power as long as the opponent bleeds.(10% of a bar of power per second ). This is unaffected by the number of bleeds. Remove the block proficiency buff and add a perfect block chance instead (~10%) Get the…
  • #FluffyPigMonster He can only get upto 3 stacks. 15% isn't that high, you will effectively have a 75% to get one every combo. I agree the duration can be decreased to 6.5 seconds (as it is currently) It is UPTO 27% per stack , based on lost health. This means at almost 0% health he will get 27*3 = 81% critical resistance.…
  • 15% when attacked and when attacking to get an armour up increasing armour rating by 800 for 8 seconds. +100% of the above chance on Special attacks Stack upto 3. All Attacks Deal +33% damage against stunned opponents per armour up effect. SP1: Stun the opponent for 1 second per armour up effect. SP2: This attack gets +40%…
  • #MattScott Omega Red Mutant ________ DEATH SPORES Every 16 seconds Omega Releases Death Spores, infecting opponents in his VICINITY (Like Aura of Incineration) for 8 seconds. Death Spores deal 10% of Omega Red's attack rating per second and reduce regeneration and power gain(mystic disp., Hyperion etc.) potency by 40% and…
  • EDIT: Mutant ________ DEATH SPORES Every 16 seconds Omega Releases Death Spores, infecting opponents in his VICINITY (Like Aura of Incineration) for 8 seconds. Death Spores deal 10% of Omega Red's attack rating per second and reduce regeneration and power gain potency by 40% and ability accuracy by 20%. Poison immune…
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  • An unduped Blade is better than Gwenpool in some situations. Eg: With Ghost Rider and SE Spidey, he is better against Mystics and Villians. A Duped Gwenpool is better everywhere else. If you have Starky and GR as 4 stars (at least) and your focus is war, go for blade. Otherwise take Gwenpool.