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  • It happens to me as well (iPhone 6S, in game volume/sound off) but I only notice it making the crashing sound when I have headphones plugged in or am connected to a bluetooth speaker
  • Having the same issues. Was able to log in at home this morning on wifi. For the past hour I have been unable to log in on both wifi and cellular. iPhone 6S, iOS 11.2.5 Verizon MCoC v17.0.2 Don't have an alternate device to try
  • I agree 100%. Please work on getting a list of Rank 5/65 5* heroes max PI. If memory serves me correctly, this information was actually provided at one time, possibly on the old forums. At the time I remember people being upset because they wanted rank 4 data since it wasn't possible to rank 5 anyone. Now that it is…
  • The "good" reason is because it was their best attempt at fixing the issue that came up when they moved the unstoppable buff to trigger at the end of the special animation. They have since ignored the fact that their "fix" has created new unintended consequences. If you are using hood on attack he can no longer stagger…
  • A full crystal might be a little much but it could easily be updated to give the t4c shard crystals. Maybe the equivalent of 25% of a full crystal. That would at least guarantee some class crystal shards whereas the ascendant crystal is mostly iso.
  • So, we won't be able to sell our 5* champs (like the useless spider-gwens and she-hulks) for 6* shards in the future? And the main reason is because you assume it's an accident (possible) or sabotage from another summoner (a clear case of account sharing and violation of the TOS)?
  • So with the new Uncollected Arena crystal coming out today I have one question. Will it give 5x the amount of points for Summoner Advancement per crystal? I know it says that it will but the current SA doesn't list the uncollected version at all so it would make me think it will not get more points than a standard Arena…
  • Happened to me too. Arena fight vs. Hyperion. SP1 and SP2 both drained power but did not deal any damage. Hope this can be addressed prior to Alliance War attack opening back up tomorrow.
  • I have this same question. A few months ago I emailed support regarding VPN usage and was never given an answer. I was simple directed to the TOS which I actually decided to read through (mostly). There is no mention directly of VPNs but it is unclear whether it would be classified as a banned third-party app. If I am…
  • This is entirely wrong. You'll get more 5* shards long term by duping champs than you will selling unused 4*. Don't listen to this stupid advice.[/quote] long term huh?...if you are a grinder, you're statement is completely inaccurate. Factor in basics champs of arena and you will literally be in the same boat as you were…