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  • And what are the new attack tactics and champs that apply to them? Since kabam is killing off a whole set of champs as attackers, who the hell am I supposed to rank that fits the new tactics? Where is this posted? Or am I supposed to be professor x and mind read. I’m so close to quitting this god forsaken game.
  • Yeah maybe I should quit the game tbh. Everything is worthless anyways.
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  • U wanna see my she hulk solo on abyss thing or u gonna make random assertions that u have no clue about?
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  • 100% would rather have this. True focus invalidates so many other champs it’s ridiculous.
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  • Or maybe when I invest hundreds of dollars on a champ only to be screwed out of using them properly where ever I choose to use them, I should be able to, instead of getting screwed by a new node because they choose arbitrary balance points, which are completely out of left field. News flash, I don’t use ghost all the time.…
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  • U know the value of 160 6* sig stones? At least 300$. Wow I didn’t realize there were other champs in the game. Thanks for stimulating my brain. And that’s to everyone commenting “lol just use another champ.” No ****, why do u think I want my resources back to use on another champ that’s not getting screwed. Use ur brain…
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  • Also to note, I have my longer recording uploading now which I’ll post when it’s done, I did a fight with gambit and he interacts as it’s intended. I heavy cancel for 10 prowess, and sp2 from the nodes power.
  • Device and Version: iPad 7th gen, 14.6 software version. Device Operating System: iPadOS 14.6 Mobile Carrier: ATT Cellular or WiFi: WiFi Game Version Installed: 31.1.1 Game Mode: 7.2, story Champions affected: r5 5* colossus sig 160 Active Boosts: No Description of the Issue: Despite how many buffs you gain, there seems to…
  • I used him for terrax just for testing (I basically just intercepted in the rock field while lifestealing from his staggers expiring when terry gained buffs, eventually the damage was too much and I backed off and sp2. Happened twice, but I would’ve stacked quite a few bullets) but my strat was popping team revives when I…
  • Yeah I used him quite a bit in the grandmasters gauntlet. Had a run vs. terrax where I know if I was playing the reworked version, I would’ve had a huge heavy detonation
  • I don’t remember if I was at the time or not, that tree is usually pretty barebones tho with just parry and dex with max stupefy for stun duration max.
  • In this fight I gain 8 at once, shoot to 1 bar. Then gain 12, same thing. Seems like 5 is the limit but shouldn’t be, cuz I’m pretty sure I saw someone do this with magneto and just stack prowess and insta sp3 back to back.
  • Ok here’s the link
  • I don't know about increasing his attack speed, only because of the uniqueness of his kit coming from the dashes. But attack speed is a something that could be explored for newer champs that revolve around that mechanic.
  • if magneto turned it off by the aar then so should falcon. i dont see how this is right
  • i finished the quest itemless with the bug persistent, but it was very long and annoying. 130+ hits every fight. i finished the quest itemless with the bug persistent, but it was very long and annoying. 130+ hits every fight. But to say its like act 5 -50% att quests is just nonsense. the values in the cav quests are way…
  • had to wait like a day until I could invite him again. Still haven't run one with him since then lol
  • Yeah I need to practice the spacing for she hulk heavies lol I’m not really practicing for intercepts