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Team suggestions for web slinging quest

Its_RohaNIts_RohaN Posts: 68
edited July 2017 in Strategy and Tips
Off course champs which reduces ability accuracy

Team suggestions for web slinging quest 15 votes

Champs which have ability to evade special attacks
Platinumreach4wizard365Rey1k 3 votes
Champs which can reduce ability accuracy
Hulk_77AEG93LastPlayerXYellsomeMr_TunizIl_JooOIrakliMasterTroller42sanjayAlCapone2727SummonerB2Samuel030s 12 votes


  • AEG93AEG93 Posts: 69
    Champs which can reduce ability accuracy
    I think CB, AV, BW, Elektra or Gwenpool should be on your team for this quest. At least one of them, two if you can. Power controllers are always a good choice for this kind of hard quests (Magik and Vision are the best options). Then some regen champ like Wolvie for the degen nodes.
  • SummonerB2SummonerB2 Posts: 556
    Champs which can reduce ability accuracy
    Crossbones is a must.
  • KLee_Plu5KLee_Plu5 Posts: 34
    My team was literally Iceman and Hyperion + Mutant synergy to increase crit and attack

    Hyperion's power gain stops Spidey Stark Enhanced in his tracks, mainly because you hit him ONCE and it turns off the Stark AI. Then just look out for the AI to refresh and hit him again right after it, kinda like Bane in Act 5.2. Spidey SE's dash attack has a long forward momentum, kinda like Venom's, so it's easy for Hyperion to land that first hit. Once you corner SE, he starts using his S1 quite often. Spam Hyperion's specials on him to keep him in the corner. Your power gain will make sure you always have an S1 or S2 to hit him.

    Iceman stops everyone else. I'm serious. Spam S1 to keep Coldsnap active and say bye bye to their Evades. Don't get hit to keep ice armor active. Eat up that S3 from the opponent, and that S3 will likely fill your own bar to an S3. Do Iceman's S3 to get the ice armor AND the coldsnap back. Rinse and repeat.

    That's literally it.
  • SaiyanSaiyan Posts: 727 ★★★★
    edited July 2017
    Carry champs to counter what you'll face. My team was all 4/40 4*s only.

    Hyperion for Tech Spidy (Cosmic hits takes out the AI meaning he took Hyperion's Specials to the face)
    Cap WWII for OG Spiderman and Miles (Longer Parry Stun Duration than other champs)
    Gwenpool for Gwen and Vulture (Power Lock + Bleeds)
    Magik for Sym Spiderman and Vulture For (Power Lock so that Unblockable SP1 from Sym Spiderman and the Power Gain on Vulture meant nothing)

    Those 4 alone only at 4/40 only died twice and to Vulture himself cuz I'm not used to him just yet. (I only beat the easy path in Part 4 so far tho). Life transfer made it alot easier as I can block a whole lot with no worries to bait out heavies and specials.
  • KLee_Plu5KLee_Plu5 Posts: 34
    Speaking of Vulture, don't bother trying to dodge his S2. The range is definitely longer than Archangel's S2. Just keep blocking until Vulture makes that one last blast move, kinda like Scarlet Witch's S2. Evade that last hit and you're good.
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