Remove defende remaining points

Defende remaining points ruin competition and opens possibility for collusion.


  • Darkstar4387Darkstar4387 Posts: 2,145 ★★★
    No and collusion is when the opposition and you talk to each other and then decide everything it has nothing to do with either and kabam will hit them both will the hammer if people try that.

    You're probably mad that you lost by that and now are here complaining and saying why don't you remove it we keep losing by it and don't understand the scoring system blah blah.
  • DshuDshu Posts: 1,214 ★★★★
    Why can't kabam give full rewards and bonus points to everyone. Regardless of difficulty we should all get the same reward and points. We feel entitled to the same rewards in bronze as people playing in platinum we are entitled whether we finish the map or not to the same rewards we just feel entitled period lmfao
  • Gabbros wrote: »
    Defende remaining points ruin competition and opens possibility for collusion.

    Also remove exploration points as it is unfair if people can't log in due to emergency maintenance or phones overheating.
    Also remove points for boss kills because it's unfair if f2p can't buy revives or potions to match those who can.
    Also remove defender diversity points because some of us can't buy good champs like whales and are stuck with f2p rng and can only place kks and ips and groots.
    I think that covers everything.

    You forgot attacker bonus points. It is unfair to award someone more points just because they can kill things better than me.

    If everyone just left their alliances and reformed new ones, then all agreed to fight exactly five wars next season, and in each war we only placed one defender per battlegroup and then killed it and advanced no farther, we would all tie for first place and everyone in the game would get master one rewards.

    It would be worth it just to see the Kotaku editors lose their freaking minds.
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